Obama Busted In MASSIVE Cover-Up For Clinton, Defies Judge’s Order AGAIN… They Both Belong In PRISON


It looks as if Obama has Hillary’s back and is more than willing to lie and cover up for her all while breaking the law. This has been going on from the day the Kenyan stepped into the White House but this latest stunt could have serious political implications.

As you know, Clinton is under Federal investigation for her e-mails and a judge has set a deadline for Obama’s State Department to release them. The State Department has ignored the judges orders, again. The reason for this latest stall tactic will infuriate you.

They are blaming the HOLIDAYS. Unbelievable. 

“We have worked diligently to come as close to the goal as possible, but with the large number of documents involved and the holiday schedule we have not met the goal this month. To narrow that gap, the State Department will make another production of former Secretary Clinton’s email sometime next week,” the State Department statement read, according to The Washington Times.


I understand that it takes a long time to cover up and delete information that will, no doubt implicate Clinton and Obama but haven’t they had enough time?

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Under the court order, the government is supposed to release 4,800 full emails this month. The final 5,400 emails are to be released near the end of next month — just days before Iowa voters hold the caucuses that kick off the primary season, deciding whether Mrs. Clinton will be Democrats’ presidential nominee.


How convenient. And insanely corrupt.

She belatedly returned her emails after the Obama administration, prodded by Congress’s probe into the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, realized she had taken all of her messages with her when she left office. The administration then publicly revealed that Mrs. Clinton had refused to use a regular account on the State.gov email server, instead creating an account on a server she kept at her home in New York.


Again, how convenient and corrupt.

Hundreds of the messages she returned contain information that has now been deemed classified — though Mrs. Clinton insists it was not secret at the time she sent it. She says she didn’t break any laws in keeping her own account.

Look, we ALL know that she broke the law. We know she lied on numerous accounts. She is a hardened criminal. Scandalous. Corrupt. And extremely evil.

My colleague Wilmot Proviso at Conservative Tribune has a simple solution for Hillary and Barack: Why not just turn over all the email to the legal system, as per the court order? Don’t worry about sorting it — there are people who can do that. And, after all, you said there was no classified email on the private server, right? So you should have nothing to worry about.

Great idea. We would save millions of dollars and the information would be immediately available as ordered by the court. After all, Americans are beginning to make their decisions on the candidates they might vote for so this information should be released as soon as possible, right? If you people have nothing to hide then why are you stalling?

The answer is becoming increasingly clear: what’s on that hard drive could possibly take down both Clinton and Obama, and it has to be sanitized and obfuscated before it’s released to the courts.


Convenient and corrupt as hell. It’s disgusting. 


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