URGENT: Obama Hires HUGE New “Staff” for Secret Project… This Puts ALL Americans in EXTREME DANGER


We are finding that Obama is going all out in his final year as president to do anything and everything possible to completely destroy America. And he’s doing one hell of a job. This latest action is a sign of what he has in mind for increasing crime which, of course puts every American in danger but hey, that’s what he’s all about.

It looks as if Obama is gearing up to pardon a ton of criminals before he sails off into the sunset, preferably back home to Kenya.

Obama is expanding the (corrupt) Justice Department by hiring more staff and most importantly, more liberal lawyers. My guess is that they will be blacks and Muslims but who knows, there are plenty of brainwashed whites that are more than happy to fulfill the messiah’s wishes.

The Justice Department recently posted on its website a job listing seeking 16 lawyers for new spots in its Office of the Pardon Attorney, which codifies petitions for clemency and makes recommendations to the attorney general for clemency,  at the Washington Free Beacon reports.


The new lawyers will assist “the President in the exercise of executive clemency,” according to the job description.

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The department’s move to beef up staff in the pardon office has prompted speculation that President Obama will pursue a final term effort to grant clemency to a range of criminals, particularly drug offenders.


Well isn’t that nice? For a guy that fake cried on TV about children getting killed he sure has a strange way of showing that he really cares. How in the hell can this help anything? It’s actually insane but that’s par for the course when it comes to Obama and liberals in general.

The Justice Department has been working for more than a year now on a new clemency initiative that outside organizations predict could free up to 20,000 convicted inmates from federal prisons. The effort has been described in news reports as “an unprecedented use of clemency power.”


20,000 criminals let into the streets. Yeah, that makes a hell of a lot of sense… 

Government oversight organizations and experts are questioning the administration about the possibility that it could release those in the country illegally or those who have committed major drug offenses.

One congressional source familiar with the effort criticized Obama for abusing the presidential right to grant pardons.

“This fits perfectly with the administration’s two-term agenda of eroding the rule of law in America,” the source told the Washington Free Beacon. “While the president certainly has the constitutional power to pardon, I shudder thinking about how he plans to use it, given his determination to release dangerous criminals.”

Obama has already put the lives of Americans in so many ways it’s unbelievable. He’s releasing convicts onto the streets and Muslim jihadist terrorists from GITMO back into the battlefield.

This is MORE proof that Obama doesn’t give a crap about the safety of Americans. He cares about himself. His legacy. His agenda.

(H/T Conservative Tribune)


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