Obama Invites Muslim Clock Boy To White House… Here’s How He Treats Cancer Kids


Obama has proven time and time again where his priorities are and frankly it is disgusting as well as infuriating. He has the Muslim Brotherhood to The White House. How nice. He just had the #BlackLivesMatter domestic terrorists there to discuss strategies on how to kill whites, cops, riot and burn down cities. Very important of course. And he has invited the fricking Muslim kid that built a replica of a suitcase bomb similar to the ones that have killed thousands of people and blown off thousands of legs and body parts. Obama said, “Cool clock Ahmed, want to bring it to the White House?” Unbelievable.


But when it comes to American children stricken with cancer, Obama isn’t so friendly. In fact, he’s a complete pile of garbage. I can’t stand this narcissistic Marxist Kenyan SCUMBAG. Check this out.


John Vibes at Free Thought Project reports:

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Washington, D.C. — A group holding a candlelight vigil for cancer research was forced out of Lafayette Square on Saturday night, and hundreds of children with cancer were kicked out of the park along with their parents. The Secret Service and the National Park police barricaded the park for hours, stating that the gathering created a traffic issue.


The event was called CureFest for Childhood Cancer and was attended by hundreds who wanted to raise awareness about cancer research.

Natasha Gould, an 11-year-old from Canada who has started a website for children like herself who struggle with cancer, said that the police and government agents acted like they didn’t care about the children.


“We ended up waiting at the gates for two hours, and they never let us in. And to be clear, the entire crowd was half kids. I cried last night in my hotel room because it was my first CureFest, and I couldn’t believe people were acting like they don’t care about children,” Natasha said.

Brian Leary, a spokesman for the Secret Service, made a statement to the Washington Post defending the closure, saying that the agency “put into place based on standard [Secret Service] protocols prior to protectee movements in the vicinity of the White House Complex. The Secret Service would like to express its regret for not communicating more effectively with this group concerning the timeline for protectee movements in the vicinity of Lafayette Park.”

The organizers even went through the trouble of getting a permit for the event, which shouldn’t even be necessary in a place where “freedom of assembly,” is supposed to be assumed as a natural right.

When they were cleared from the park, the many attendees were forced to leave their chairs, blankets, and other property behind

Some of the police officers on the scene told attendees that the closure was due to president Obama leaving the White House from an entrance that was near the park.

The parents who had gathered to support their children became angry after they realized what was happening.

“At first, we were patient. I mean we’re a peaceful community; we’re fighting for kids’ lives. But after about an hour, or hour and a half, it started getting a little angry, some of the fathers,” Anthony Stoddard, a father who traveled to the event from New Hampshire said.

“Police were telling a lot of people in our group to leave because it was so close to the road there was a traffic issue. It got really frustrating. No one was giving us answers about when we would get in. So finally, about 10:30, we gave up. It was heartbreaking,” he added.

The organizers of the event felt that this problem was caused by incompetence on the part of the Secret Service.

I feel like this may be overcompensating for glaring errors that the Secret Service has made in past years. And again, we understand the need to keep our president safe. But we think a little consideration would have gone a long way. When we get shut out of the president’s front yard, it’s just disheartening,” event organizer Michael Gillette said.

If these kids with cancer were covering their heads with turbans, they wouldn’t have been forced out of the park. They probably would have been invited into the White House as well. (H/T Mad World News)

Even Zuckerberg wants to meet this Muslim and his clock. They have all been duped. He didn’t build that-someone else built that for him!



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