After Obama Gives Iran BILLIONS, They Build CHILLING ‘Amusement Park’ For Children



As you know, Obama gave Iran BILLIONS of dollars and now they are fully funded to buy tons of weapons and can build their nukes. HOORAY! Fricking genius bro! What a fricking Muslim MORON! 


But Iran is doing something else with that money- building amusement parks for the kids. Well, that sounds wonderful! Maybe I’ve been wrong this whole time. Maybe Obama’s right- they really are “moderate and peaceful people.”

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We dove into this story to see what rides and entertainment they had for these kids and what we found is pretty sick.


The City of Games for Revolutionary Children park (yeah, that’s what they call it)  lets youngsters dress up in full combat gear and pretend to be attacking Iran’s enemies like Israel and the West, The Sun reports.

Lovely, isn’t it?


They are shown how to fire plastic bullets and artillery shells at US flags and at an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Instructors have built control towers, sand-bagged check-points stuffed with replica assault rifles, grenades and land-mines and radios to rely messages to the child soldiers.

There’s also assault courses where they can learn to scale walls and crawl under ropes and through barbed wire while orders are barked at them by trainers and the sound of machine gun fire is played through speakers.

It is aimed at boys aged 8-13 and entry is free to the park near Mashad, Iran’s second largest city.

It also glorifies the Holy Defence – Iran’s bloody eight war with Iraq in the 1980s.

Iranian theme park has kids shoot American flag

YouTube video courtesy of Newsy

Lady Liberty at Fury News has more:

The man who runs the park Hamid Sadeghi, said: “At the City of Games, we are trying to convey to the children messages about fighting, the Holy Defence and current global issues, through games, amusements, and group activities.”

They are also shown what it is like to fight ISIS in Syria.

There is a mock-up of the Shrine of Zaynab mosque, located in the Syrian capital Damascus and holds the remains of Mohammed’s granddaughter, which  they are ordered to defend.

The kids then play a word game which involves “finding bullets, each of which have a single letter written on it,” and using the bullets to spell out words and sentences.

The final exercise of the day is meant to teach children that “the most important elements for attaining victory are wisdom and intelligence for fighting the enemy.” and consists of the boys being blindfolded and asked to throw a ball at an Israeli flag in the form of a puzzle and knock it down, and then to assemble another puzzle of an Iranian flag.

Watching these videos and seeing all the pictures makes me sick to my stomach. Our current Obama Regime basically funded this and yet a part of our population will scream that its not true and that Obama is a good leader! Bull####!!! This is the type of terroristic teaching that will see the world completely swamped in war!

America should have taken that rat-infested country out a long time ago!


Thanks again to my dear friend Prissy Holly at Fury News for her friendship and fighting the good fight on a daily basis. Check her out on Facebook!

God bless all of you wonderful patriots! 



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