By Col. Allen B. West

According to Foxnews.com via Reuters, President Obama’s claim Tuesday that the U.S. would “be keeping eyes” on five hardened Taliban leaders traded for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom was immediately challenged by a Middle East official quoted as saying they’d actually be allowed to move freely — and even “go back to Afghanistan if they want to.

The source, identified as a senior Gulf official, reportedly told Reuters that the five Taliban members would not be treated like prisoners while staying in Qatar, where they were released. Rather, they’d be allowed to “move around freely” in the country and then be allowed to travel outside Qatar after one year.”


Don’t these fellas know who Obama is? If he says so, then it is to be so. Gee, I guess those Qataris didn’t get the memo or in Obama’s case, the hashtag.

The official, seemingly contrary to Obama’s claims, also said U.S. officials would not be involved in monitoring their movements. If true, Qatar’s plans are likely to stir concerns from Washington, particularly from GOP lawmakers who warned that these prisoners could return to the battlefield. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Tuesday that Qatar has “notoriously played both sides of the street, as far as Muslim extremists are concerned” and cast doubt on the president’s assurances. “Mullah Omar now has his cabinet restored,” McCain said of the infamous Taliban leader.

As further evidence of the duplicity of the Obama mind, earlier Tuesday, he acknowledged there’s “absolutely” a risk that the former Guantanamo inmates will try to return to the battlefield.

“Is there the possibility of some of them trying to return to activities that are detrimental to us? Absolutely,” Obama said. “That’s been true of all the prisoners that were released from Guantanamo. There’s a certain recidivism rate that takes place.” But the president defended the deal, saying: “I wouldn’t be doing it if I thought that it was contrary to American national security.”

How can that possibly NOT be contrary to American national security?

We were told there was no risk, now there is a risk. We were told the Qataris would be safeguarding these terrorists and the US would have access to check on them — now we find out they are free to roam.

This isn’t just a nightmare, it’s an embarrassment. Do you hear that America? These bastards are sitting around sipping tea and laughing their arses off at us — as they contemplate their next attack. And I believe we as Americans abroad all have a target on our backs in order to enable Obama to clear our GITMO.

So I must ask, how do we know when Obama is telling the truth? When he is asleep.

How in the world did the Obama administration believe this would sell to the American people? In their liberal cuteness the Obama administration really believed this would defray attention from the VA scandal. They have created an even greater scandal on top of the countless others. And now we have a complete breakdown, courtesy of the Qataris who have been staunch supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera network, and other Islamic terrorist activities.

And so sits our dumbfounded community organizer president. This is unconscionable. How can he be this utterly incompetent?


WATCH THIS VIDEO-Bob Bergdahl, Sgt Bowe’s father speaking in Arabic at the press conference for the release of son. 




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