Obama Loving Pop ‘Icon’ Cher Attacks Donald Trump And Ted Cruz On Twitter… Liberalism At It’s Finest


It’s a safe bet that liberal and completely foul pop ‘icon’ Cher won’t be voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections! I say this because she has taken to Twitter and said some really nasty and classless things about Trump. She is a perfect example of why parents need to make it a top priority to raise their children properly and with moral values- she is absolutely disgusting.

Here’s an example of her profound wisdom as well as what a complete scumbag she is.

“Donald Trump Can’t come up with a hairstyle that looks human,how can he come up with a plan to defeat ISIS,” she replied to a comment on her tweet. She replied to another liberal idiot that asked if Trump could even win 1 state with this intelligent comment- “ONE, The state of desperation…”

Ha ha ha ha ha! You are so funny you washed up garbage! 

Then she went on to say that if Trump were elected she would move to Jupiter. Good, have a nice trip! You should fit right in out there in outer space you liberal loon!

Have you ever noticed how damn ugly, foul and angry lib women are? Disgusting…

Still another liberal freak and fan of Cher’s asked- “will you ever take a picture with Donald as a president? Like you did with Obama?” Her reply again is supposed to be funny. But it isn’t. 

She goes on and on slamming Trump. She’s a fan of Obama so that tells you that she has very few brain cells left in that huge head.

She didn’t stop there. She also had a wonderful statement about Ted Cruz. 

Another fan of hers asked, “Do you like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump better?” What a stupid question.  Her response is- you guessed it typically liberal. Foul, disgusting and without any merit, class or purpose.

You know, before I decided to report on this I asked myself a few questions. First of all, do our readers even know who Cher is? Maybe. Also, is this relevant or important? No, it’s definitely not important but I decided to go ahead for a few reasons.

  • To show what a completely disgusting moron she is and…
  • To expose you to the dark side, better known as liberal Democrats. 

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