Obama Makes INSANELY Dangerous Move Against U.S. Military… This WILL Cost Lives


White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed that President Barack Obama has decided to deploy a minimum of 50 troops in Syria that will operate in a support role and not in direct combat.

“We have already found that pairing some U.S. forces … with Iraqi forces in a strictly train, advise and assist role has been effective in enhancing the capacity of those forces in the fight against ISIL,” Earnest said according to U.S. News & World Report.

As reported by The Hill, “President Obama said Monday that U.S. special operations forces in Syria will not be fighting “on the front lines” against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants. During an interview with NBC News, the president pushed back against the idea that the new deployment violates his pledge not to put “boots on the ground” in Syria to fight ISIS. “We are not putting U.S. troops on the front lines fighting firefights with ISIL,” Obama said, using a different acronym for the group.


“I’ve been consistent throughout that we are not going to be fighting, like we did in Iraq, with battalions and occupations,” he added. “That doesn’t solve the problem.” Obama commented for the first time on his decision to send a small group of special operations forces to Syria, a move that deepened U.S. involvement in the conflict there in a way he has previously avoided. Fewer than 50 troops will help train, advise and assist local forces fighting the Islamic extremist group on the ground.

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But for years, Obama has resisted calls to send U.S. ground forces into Syria beyond one-time raids. The president is escalating his involvement in Syria at a time when Russia is conducting a bombing campaign to prop up Syrian President Bashar Assad against opposition forces threatening to remove him from power. Obama, however, denied the move amounted to a change in the administration’s strategy in the war-torn country.

 “Keep in mind that we have run special ops already and really this is just an extension of what we are continuing to do,” Obama said.
Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West thinks this is insane. He had this to say via Allen B. West:

Mr. President, the message I need you to understand is clear, so listen up. You do not get to decide from the White House what the “front lines” are. If you do not want our men deployed into a combat zone to get engaged in a firefight with the enemy, then don’t deploy them.

Our troops are not there for you to use as pawns in some game that enables you to save face. We are well beyond the “train, advise, and assist” mission. This is all about fighting. If these men are being deployed not to engage the enemy in firefights, then what do you want them to do? Direct traffic?


This is how it works. The nature of the Middle East is that people there only respect strength and might. The Kurds are renowned fighters; they do not need babysitters. No one will respect our troops if you send them over to just coordinate delivery of supplies and ammo. If that’s the case, send UPS.

Don’t tell the families of our best warriors that they’redeploying to stand by and watch. So what happens when the enemy shoots at our troops, huh Mr. President? That’s called a firefight. Do they run away or do they return fire and kill the enemy?

V. Saxena at Conservative Tribune adds:

Allen adding that sending “our warriors into harm’s way and with the caveat that they’re not there to be fighting” is “beyond insane,” especially given that Obama gets to sit at home, protected at all times by armed Secret Service agents.

Apparently, Obama is too busy mocking the GOP and fighting the alleged threat of climate change to concern himself with the well-being of those soldiers whose lives he is about to put at great risk.

Obama is, West said, “playing a deadly game with the lives of our troops.”

“It’s not about being equipped to defend themselves,” West concluded. “It’s about having leadership that sends them into doing what they want to do, what they do best: find the enemy and use every available weapons system to kill them. That’s the message we need to send, but we will not until we get rid of sheep trying to lead lions.”

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