Obama Meets With Castro, And People CAN’T Stop Talking About What He Did With His Hand [VID]

President Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba has been a national disgrace and a complete embarrassment.

Obama was on stage with Cuban leader Raúl Castro basically getting tossed around like a Kenyan rag doll.

Castro blasted the United States while Obama praised Cuba… What in the hell is going on here folks? Unbelievable!

“And the goal of the human rights dialogue is not for the United States to dictate to Cuba how they should govern themselves, but to make sure that we are having a frank and candid conversation around this issue,” Obama said. ”And hopefully that we can learn from each other.”


WE CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER? What are we supposed to learn from a third world country ran by brutal communists? For God’s sake!

Now, we would expect our president to look… well, PRESIDENTIAL, right?

Here’s Obama giving a firm handshake to the Commie.



Oh for God’s sake. Simply unbelievable.

What in God’s name was THAT? Our LIMP WRISTED president. The real “Bath-house Barry” folks.

Of course the Internet exploded about the awkward embrace:


Oh man… I am speechless. So utterly embarrassing. You know what they say about men with a limp wrist…

Could you imagine Donald Trump looking like that?

Yeah, me neither.

Thanks Obama for the laugh. I think I need a beer after that.


As my good friend Susan Duclos at All News Pipeline says,

“It is not hard to see why many in the world perceive Obama as weak, especially in comparison to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as we have seen many “comparison” pieces and visuals over the years highlighting the differences in optics between the two men, where Obama is always the butt of the joke.”

(h/t Daily News)

God Bless.

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