BREAKING: Obama Used NSA to Wiretap GOP Members Phones… Here’s What He Did With Recordings


President Barack Obama’s National Security Agency (NSA) listened in on private conversations between members of the U.S. Congress and American-Jewish groups, the Wall Street Journal has revealed.

The NSA espionage operations reported to President Obama about Israeli officials coordinating with U.S. Jewish groups that had come out against the Iran nuclear deal, the report says.

Obama ordered the NSA to spy on Israel, claiming it served a “compelling national security purpose.”

At the same time, President Obama was criticized by European leaders such as French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding allegations of NSA spying operations against their respective countries, Breitbart reports.


Thereafter, the President successfully wired the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the two leaders fell on opposite sides of the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu, a fierce critic of the deal, warned it would empower Iran as the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror. President Obama, on the other hand, was convinced that negotiating with Iran, and funneling tens of billions of dollars into their coffers, would allow for the regime to open up to the world and give power to more ‘moderate’ voices from within.

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The NSA would routinely intercept Netanyahu’s communications and send them to White House officials for dissections.


When Israel continued to lobby against the deal, the NSA picked up on Israeli officials’ conversations with American members of Congress. The people interviewed for the Wall Street Journal piece claim that these communications were mistakenly obtained.

This is reminiscent of Watergate. We all know what happened to Nixon.


But the liberal media won’t report this because this is all about their messiah. To them, Obama can do no wrong. Well, considering the fact that the nuke deal was made with Iran while bypassing Congress I’d have to say that he does a hell of a lot wrong. Not to mention the majority of Americans oppose this insane deal.

We now have evidence that the president engaged in an illegal campaign of espionage and recording of his enemies, including our own Congress but again, you won’t hear about it in the lamestream media. But you DID hear about it here.

If this had been a Republican president he would be impeached and charged with treason. 

God Bless.

(H/T Conservative Tribune)


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