BREAKING: Will Obama PARDON Hillary Clinton BEFORE He Leaves Office? Here’s What You Need To Know


Several pressing and troubling questions have come forward with the reopening of investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server on Friday by the FBI. Questions such as –

  1.  Will classified information be found in the new investigation?
  2. Will the approximately 30,000-40,000 emails finally be discovered?
  3. Are there more deleted emails than we are currently aware of?
  4. How badly has our national security been compromised?
  5. Will Hillary finally be indicted?

The most important question doesn’t solely affect Hillary alone but how many others will  help her cover her tracks in their attempts to assist her in avoiding an indictment and possible charges.  Whether Hillary wins or loses this presidential bid charges could be looming for the White House. Suit has already been filed against the Department of Justice with regard to the secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.


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Much like former President Gerald Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon, Obama has the power to pardon Hillary as well.  President Ford pardoned President Nixon AFTER he resigned from the Oval Office and BEFORE he was ever officially charged with a crime. At the time of the pardon, nearly everyone knew and admitted Nixon was guilty. Ford created a large political controversy by clearing Nixon and suffered a political black eye as a result.


Obama could potentially pardon Hillary on the same premise, though politically it’s suicide for the Democratic party. Since the FBI announced previously they were not going to pursue an indictment against Hillary, there was no need for a pardon to be on the table. With the reopening of the investigation, that has since changed and a pardon is clearly now in play. So it seems the biggest question of all is – Will President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?


Though it has happened before, it is admittedly a long shot because of the political implications for Obama to pardon Hillary.  A pardon would be tantamount to an admission of guilt and we all know Obama never admits wrong doing. Obama has downplayed the scandal since it broke in 2015, repeatedly stating Hillary made “honest mistakes” with her server.  He also has insisted repeatedly that she didn’t put national security at risk. Except, she did and the American people know it for a fact through information in FBI documents, the Wikileaks emails, and experts who have analyzed the server vulnerability to hackers.

Additionally, Democrats and their constituents truly believe that Hillary did nothing wrong.  Despite all evidence to the contrary they still endorse her for president. Republicans were a main reason for the accountability that lead to Nixon’s downfall as well. Many Americans believe that the Hillary private server and email scandal is much larger than Watergate ever was.

It seems the only option left for Hillary to obtain a pardon is to be indicted, tried, and convicted.  The wheels of justice are infinitely slow and there simply isn’t enough time before Election Day or prior to Obama leaving office for all the necessary parts to play out for this scenario. And that is all contingent upon the FBI deciding to indict Hillary in the first place despite glaring evidence of Hillary’s mishandling of top-secret, classified information and flagrant disregard for the law. It seems that though Obama has the authority to pardon Hillary, how much damage is he willing to do to the Democratic party and their future in Washington in order to make that happen? Obama is nothing if not the consummate politician.

h/t – Townhall

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