Ever since Obama took over the office of the President, there have been a number of people claiming that he was so interested in power, they could really see him taking steps to ensure that he never had to give it up. Of course, in the past, this kind of talk has been more or less confined to conspiracy theorists and others that mainstream society might consider to be, let’s just say, less than credible.

Since Obama began his second terms, his true colors have really begun to show. He does not love America and is interested only in furthering his own agenda. This agenda will come at the expense of the traditional Christian roots of our nation. Yet, he will seek to protect the law breakers and the Muslims and basically everyone who seeks to destroy and denigrate America.

Now, we have seen the continued militarization of police forces all around the country. Plus, the police forces are engaging in more and more excess and using their newly found might to basically attack a number of the citizens they have supposedly sworn to protect. We have seen examples like the Bundy ranch and how they dealt with citizens during the Boston Marathon bombing aftermath: forced people to remain in their houses, then did house-to-house searches and forced families to stand outside during the searches! They even confiscated guns and items that were legally obtained.

Now we already know that Obama has signed an executive order giving him the right to declare martial law any time he wants. This is a significant sign that he thinks there might be a good reason for him to need that authority. Say what you want, Obama is at least able to realize the signs of the times. He sees that the Republicans are very likely to capture the Senate, which would give them full control over both houses of Congress. This would put Obama in a very dangerous situation.

Once this happens, the question then becomes what do the Republicans do with that advantage? It is certainly possible that impeachment proceedings could be started. If this goes to its end, there is also the possibility that Obama could even be tried as a traitor to the USA. It is certainly obvious that he has no love lost for America and its traditional values and principles.

There are a number of people that have talked about this, even some within the government. Obama, being the prideful man and committed liberal that his, could simply not afford to let such a thing stop his extreme agenda. Personally, I think he feels as if no one else can accomplish or be trusted to push his agenda through and it doesn’t matter how many people oppose him.

Declaring martial law could be a way out for Obama. This could happen either right before the midterm elections happen, or before the newly elected Congress takes office. This would be a great solution to keep him even more firmly in control than he is now. Plus, he would also be able to suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

You may or may not be aware of this, but Obama has actually relieved nearly 200 top military commanders in order to make the military more loyal to him and his extreme vision for America. This includes even some of the top generals and colonels. Obama has even quietly asked members of the military to swear a personal oath of loyalty to him. Plus, he has been arming and equipping the Department of Homeland Security, making them as well trained and armed as the military. This is what he will most likely use if martial law is ever declared. The Constitution denies the military the right to operate on US soil. Not so with the DHS.

If Obama does declare martial law, we will be faced with only two choices. We can buckle under and except Comrade Obama as our new dictator…or we can resist and possibly rise up and declare a second American revolution.

Which do YOU think it will be? Will we see Obama declare martial law? If so, what do you think the circumstances will be? How will America respond to such an event? How would YOU resist? 




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