VIDEO: 90 Seconds Of OBAMA Proving He Has NO Leadership Or Ideas, And He Blames…


President Obama has a history of blaming everyone but himself for the multitude of problems our nation and the world are facing.

Obama constantly tries to deflect criticism for his policies and ideas by demanding that Republicans present their ideas to him. The problem is, every single idea submitted by the Republicans to his desk gets turned down. It’s a joke. In fact, he lets it be known that anything they send that contradicts HIS policy, he will just VETO. It’s actually sickening.

Blake Seitz at the Washington Free Beacon writes that Obama is waiting to hear how YOU would fix this mess.

Since the earliest days of his presidency, Obama has insisted that all his critics do is nag, nag, nag.


“We’ve been promised a lot of things these past five years that didn’t turn out to be the case. Death panels. Doom. A serious alternative from Republicans in Congress,” Obama said.

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When Obama sold his health care plan to the country, he argued that it was necessary because the Republicans hadn’t presented an alternative. In fact, they presented several.


When the wheels started to come off his health care plan, he argued that keeping it was necessary because the Republicans hadn’t presented an alternative. Again, there were several.

When ISIS carried out a deadly series of terrorist attacks abroad, Obama defended his strategy to contain the terrorist group by claiming Republicans hadn’t presented an alternative.


“Folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do. Present a specific plan,” Obama whined in a recent press conference.

Again, anything that Republicans send to Obama gets shot down.

Obama deflects blame and pins it on anyone who disagrees with him as this new “SUPERCut” video clearly demonstrates.

Check it out!

YouTube video via Washington Free Beacon

Sickening, isn’t he. 

My colleague V Saxena at Conservative Tribune points out that not once has Obama actually taken the time to seriously consider the ideas of anyone else, be it the ideas of congressional Republicans, the ideas of experienced analysts or the ideas of the American people.

Instead he chooses to pursue his own agenda, i.e., the same ideas that have led to a depressed economy, a border crisis and — even worse — the rise of the Islamic State group in the Middle East.

It’s not that Obama has no ideas of his own. It’s rather that Obama’s ideas are bad, and bad ideas have bad consequences.It would behoove him greatly to open his ears for once in his life and actually listen to what others have to say. He might even learn something.

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(H/T Right Wing Tribune)


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