Obama Set To Release The Planet’s Most Dangerous Criminal… Here’s What We Know

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One of Obama’s ‘accomplishments’ has been to release as many Muslim terrorists as possible from the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before his term finally ends in January.

This idiot has released some of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet and most of them have gone right back to their murderous ways.

Now, Obama’s parole-style board has cleared for release a “forever prisoner” that American intelligence officials have determined to have at least one relative who served as an al-Qaeda recruiter and can help him re-engage in terrorist activities.

Edwin Mora at Breitbart reports that the latest exit from the facility comes as the race to empty out the U.S. military prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, heads into its final stretch. It brings the number of detainees who could be liberated by the time President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated to 22 of the 59 captives still held at the Guantánamo facility, commonly known as Gitmo.

Although 27 of the detainees have been deemed “forever prisoners,” or too dangerous to release, it is clear that that does not prevent Obama’s multi-agency Periodic Review Board (PRB) from liberating them.

The Obama administration has released indefinite detainees in the war on terror in the recent past. According to the Miami Herald, the remaining 10 Gitmo detainees “are in war crimes proceedings at military commissions, six of them death-penalty tribunals.”

In its December 8 decision to release Yemeni Yassin Qasim Muhammad Ismail Qasim, 37, Obama’s parole-style PRB noted:

His responses [during his latest release hearing] were thoughtful and showed an effort to realistically consider the future. The Board also noted the detainee’s extensive efforts to take advantage of opportunities in detention to better himself, to include multiple academic and art classes, as well as positive engagement with mental health counselors.

Oh brother, the Jihad enjoyed painting and pottery making in his art classes and has decided that he doesn’t want to kill INFIDELS? Give me one fricking break! Unbelievable.

Prior to being taken to the Guantánamo prison in May 2002, the Yemeni terrorist is believed to have fought against the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, a coalition of mujahideen militias in Afghanistan where he received extensive combat training before his capture in 2001.

A U.S. intelligence profile dated May 12 noted that Qasim “probably retains extremist views and anti-US sentiment,” adding that he “had at least one relative who served as an AQAP [al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] recruiter and jihadist ideologue as well as other associates who could help him re-engage in extremism if released.”

Obama is hellbent on destroying America up until the last second he is POTUS.

Let’s hope he takes an extended multi-million dollar Hawaiian vacation.

The longer he’s gone, the better off we are.



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