Obama Says He LOVES Argentinian Youths, But Look What He Did RIGHT Before Meeting Them

As Barack Obama continues on his apology tour across South America, he’s found himself once again at the center of outrage from the people of one of the nations he visited. During a stop in Argentina, he decided to shake hands with some of the locals, and now they’re enraged after learning what he secretly did while he thought nobody was watching.

The incident involved Obama meeting a group of young people from the South American nation, and what he tried to do on the sly speaks volumes about how he really feels about them. The president may claim to love the Argentinians, but he apparently doesn’t love them enough to trust they wouldn’t steal from him.

Obama’s already been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism after attending a baseball game with a brutal communist dictator while Brussels was under attack from the Islamic State (ISIS), and the latest incident is one of a series of blunders that have extremely bad optics.

Check out the video below, via IJ Review:



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Did you catch that? He secretly slid off his wedding ring out of fear one of the kids was going to steal it. As you can imagine, his actions didn’t sit too well with the people in Argentina.


Check out the GIF:

Obama Says He LOVES Argentinians Youths, But Look What He Did RIGHT Before Meeting Them


Translated, here’s what the text says:

“Obama, very professional and inspiring, but says ‘I’ll hide my ring in case they steal it.’”

However, this one sums up how Obama feels about anyone who isn’t a political elitist:

What does it say?

“They see him as a hero. He looks at them as thieves.”

Sound familiar? He looks at his voters in a similar manner – they idolize him, and he sees them as useful idiots only good for votes. And apparently, the Argentinian kids are thieves only good for photo-ops, so it seems to be a common theme with him.

So, sorry, Argentinian people. We didn’t mean for our president to insult you, and if it’s any consolation, we don’t want him here either.

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God Bless.


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