Obama Sends A Clear Message To Christians… This Will Make You ANGRY


Hussein randomly calls out “less-than-loving expressions by Christians…”


What better day for Obama to insult Christians is there than on EASTER? Actually, it’s as equally offensive when he does it on Christmas.

Well, that’s exactly what Obama did- he just can’t help himself. It’s in his blood.

Here’s what he said at the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast to a group of religious leaders.

“On Easter I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian I am supposed to love and I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned,” HUSSEIN said.

After pausing, Obama admitted that it was “a topic for another day.”

Oh HA HA HA you are so funny bro! How’s that NUKE deal going you useless community dis-organizing commie? You’re doing one hell of a job with ISIS dude! How’s that race war going here in America? Just as planned? Yeah, we know. Nice employment numbers BTW.

Here’s the video!


YouTube video via jim hoft 

Obama slammed Christians at the annual Easter Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday. He did not mention the persecution of Christians or the slaughter in Kenya last week of 148 Christian students.

Response to his unbelievable remarks and the fact that he took the opportunity to blast Christians has EXPLODED on social media.

INFOWARS reports – “If he really thought ‘that’s a topic for another day,’ then why say anything?” Disqus user submandave asked on Twitchy.com. “He’s such a little leftist passive-aggressive *****.”

Another Disqus user said he wasn’t Christian but the attacks on Christians are getting out of hand.

“At least let the religious have their religious holiday – criticize them the next day or something if you really feel the need to,” he stated.

Twitter user dblozik also said that Obama was showing his true colors.

“[At] a Prayer Breakfast with INVITED Christian leaders, why in the world would he even say that?” He asked. “Just can’t help himself!”

Yeah dude, us Christians are so ‘less than loving’- but ISIS and your buddies are so wonderful, huh? You need to lay off the crack and go back to Kenya where you were born- no one wants you here. You are complete garbage…


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