BREAKING: Obama SHOCKS The World By Doing THIS Immediately After ISIS Terror Attack In Brussels

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President Obama spoke briefly about the horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels today, but will not let the events in Europe change his schedule in Cuba.

He will be attending a baseball game. Unbelievable.

PolitiCulture reports:

When addressing the incident from Cuba, Obama spent a paltry 50 seconds discussing what happened in Belgium, then pivoted to his typical pandering self in an attempt to woo favor from the communist regime’s brutal dictator. But that’s not even the wort part of it all.

While authorities across the planet are scrambling to determine what location, if any, will be hit next by fundamental Islamists, Obama instead decided he’s going to partake in America’s pastime… in Cuba. Yeah, instead of traveling back to Washington D.C. to calm nerves here in the country and discuss strategy with his advisers, Obama is going to be attending a baseball game with a communist dictator to celebrate their new bromance.

The Cuban national team is set to play the Tampa Bat Rays, and Obama will be sitting front and center with Raul Castro as the game is broadcast on Cuba’s state-run propaganda stations. As you can imagine, people aren’t too happy about the decision.

Unbelievable. Twitter erupted over Obama’s decision to watch a baseball game while the world burns:

Ted Cruz weighed in:

Wow. Once again Obama shows what a piece of crap he is.

Of course the presidential thing to do would be to get the hell out of that Communist hell hole and get to work HERE in AMERICA! Screw the Cubans!

The key word is PRESIDENTIAL.

Obama has NEVER been presidential. He is nothing but a complete scumbag.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.


God Bless.

(H/T: IJReview)


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