By Brian Anderson

The budget submitted by the President for the 2015 fiscal year contained some shocking tax and spending increases, but lost in the shuffle were Obama’s attempts to impose his gun control agenda. Resigned to the fact that gun control is not going to happen through acts of Congress, the president has been attempting to achieve his unconstitutional goals through the backdoor.

The White House released a statement regarding the gun control aspects of the budget:

Supports the “Now is the Time” initiative, the President’s plan to protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence through improved background checks by the FBI and improved data via the National Criminal History Improvement Program, inspections of Federally-licensed firearms dealers, improved tracing and ballis­tics analysis, and efforts to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. The Budget provides training for State and local law enforcement to prevent and respond to active shooters and prevent mass casualties, invests in programs to identify mental health issues early and continues the Comprehensive School Safety Program and other initiatives to enhance school security.

It just sounds like a bunch of “common sense” regulations that everybody could get behind to reduce gun violence, right? Well, if you look at what he’s really trying to do, you’ll realize these are some pretty scary rights-infringing gun control initiatives.

Improved background checks means a national gun registry. We already have a background check system that routinely denies convicted felons and other restricted persons from buying firearms. The system works, so why do we need to improve it? The answer is, it doesn’t. What Obama and the gun grabbers want to do is establish a national firearms registry and that has nothing to do with denying guns to bad guys and everything with taking guns away from good guys.

In addition, this new way of doing things would make it illegal to loan a gun to friend or gift one to a family member, making more criminals out of law-abiding citizens

More inspections of Federally-licensed firearms dealers is another backdoor gun control effort. Shut down the dealers; dry up the supply of firearms. FFLs have to keep a tremendous amount of paperwork, and any little mistake can result in the feds pulling the license. They say they are trying to stop unscrupulous gun dealers from selling to prohibited persons, but what they really want to do is shut down as many gun stores as possible.

Improved tracing and ballistics analysis is code for imposing micro-stamping and smart guns on the American people. These unproven technologies will not stop crime or help the police solve it. They will create a ban on all new guns like micro-stamping has done in California. Banning guns without this technology is a total ban as no guns exist with it.

Additional training and support for local law enforcement means a further militarization of the civilian police force. The White House claims it is tooling up the local cops to deal with mass shootings, but these incidents are beyond rare. Even when they do happen, police are too late; the carnage has been done. This escalation is not a response to spree killings, but rather a show of force by the feds and local police that increasingly view average citizens as the enemy.

Programs to identify mental health issues is another backdoor gun control effort. Can’t ban the guns? Ban the people. Obama wants to reclassify millions of Americans who have felt a little down or taken anti-depressants as mental health risks. As such, they would loose their 2nd Amendment rights with no mechanism for regaining them. This is the scariest of all his initiative because it involves both denial of rights and confiscation.

And lastly, we get Comprehensive School Safety Program. Despite its name, it will still leave all of our nations schools as soft-target “gun-free zones.” If the goal is to make our children safer, and it should be, we should put armed officers on every campus. We should train teachers and allow them to carry concealed weapons. The CSSP spends money looking for ways to stop armed madmen without the obvious solution of armed good guys.

Obama’s budget is predictably bad, but the backdoor gun control measures put it over the top in horribleness. Thankfully, Congress generally views the president’s budgets as comedy and not even a starting point for their eventual spending plan.

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