BREAKING: Obama Makes TERRIFYING Move in Oregon… Citizens Are In EXTREME Danger [VIDEO]


A father and son pair of Oregon Ranchers, Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46, have been sentenced to five years in prison for setting fire to federal land.

The Hammond fire was a regular backfire that got out of control and the Federal Government charged them as “Arsonal Terrorists” because it spread onto BLM lands.

In July, just days after the Hammond family were re-sentenced for arson Obama’s BLM started an UNCONTROLLED burn at nearby Prince Glenn, Oregon and it was all caught on video. The Feds told ranchers and farmers to stand down and warned that if they attempted to stop the fire they would be arrested.

In the video you can see Oregon land owners, neighbors and citizens scrambling to save their belongings and the life of their cattle, reports. Folks can see these cows burned alive while the BLM federal workers start more fires in the background, including one while the film is rolling. Clearly, the BLM is not putting out the fire, they are starting them and you can see the government worker suited up. This unsupervised incident charred a ranchers home and burnt his cattle alive in their corral, not to mention the danger to the land owners themselves. Another rancher lost 11 cattle trapped in their corrals during the night.


The video clearly shows that the BLM was far more irresponsible than the Hammond’s ever were, yet they received 5-year prison sentences.

These residents are terrorized by U.S. government officials and threatened if they try to stop the fires. Clearly, there is corruption and Obama’s Feds are taking an “in your face” approach daring folks to do anything to stop them. This is one of the reasons the citizens and neighbors of the Hammond’s marched to the Malheur County court house in Burns, Oregon, about 280 miles from Portland, to protest against the government corruption and destruction of life and property the people and their livestock are suffering in the area.

This reality is that what the Obama administration is doing to these people is an evil act of revenge. 


Ammon Bundy says the Prince Glenn video proves the BLM has little regard for human or animal life and that the government is making war against the ranchers because it wants their land, Conservative Tribune reports.

For instance, the video stated that most controlled burns are done in the late fall. However, this one was done in July, when most of the cows would be grazing on the grass. This makes it significantly more dangerous, given the fact that there is more foliage and a lot more cattle in the area.

“Basically, the BLM were burning the ranchers’ grass,” Bundy said in the video. “I want you to understand that this video was filmed less than two weeks from the day the Hammonds were sentenced for starting a fire themselves.”

“Last night, nobody’s around, they lit the fire right here, close to everybody’s houses,” the narrator said, showing the desolate area with no officials or safety equipment to be seen. “We’re going to have a hell of a lot of fire come evening.”

This is nothing short of terrorism by the government against the very people that they are supposed to serve.

While the BLM sees fit to persecute the Hammond’s for a minor fire, the agency is more than willing to set major ones on its own — as retaliation — with no consequences.



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