Memos obtained by the National Report purport that Obama, Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi have been meeting ‘off the record’, to craft a way of subverting and ignoring the will of the American people by using a Presidential order that would no longer seek to register guns but register ammunition instead.

Acknowledging that gun registration, background checks and a national data base of gun owners is essentially dead politically for the foreseeable future, the leaked Obama plan is to use little known and historically unprecedented powers as President to sign an executive order requiring that any citizen who attempts to acquire ammunition of any kind will not only be required to pass an extensive FBI and Homeland Security background check, but will be required to wait a period of no less than 30 days before the purchase of bullets of any kind, which would not only interfere with the lawful use and discharge of firearms, but at the same time, institute a system for tracking just what type of firearms individual gun owners have by registering the type of bullets being purchased.

The NRA, Tea Party leaders and Gun rights advocates rightly point out that 30 days is more than enough time for the government to ‘take over’ this country in the event that Obama should declare a national security emergency and use his powers as President to institute marshal law which many believe is inevitable. The memos go on to address concerns that American gun owners, gun sellers and 2nd amendment advocates already posses enough ammunition to initially resist a government takeover, suggesting as a response, a campaign of encouraging gun owners to target practice more often, thereby using up the vast majority of bullets already in the hands of private citizens.

The tentative plan, as further detailed in top secret communiques between White House Officials and Nancy Pelosi’s office, is to not only encourage more target practice, hunting and family shooting get togethers, but to expedite the process of using up available ammunition by declaring a national holiday, tentatively named, National Firing Range and Family Target Practice Day (Along the lines of ‘take your kid to work day’), where millions of law abiding American gun owners would be given paid leave to celebrate the new holiday by visiting their local gun range, wooded areas and private, unincorporated properties, and use up vast quantities of increasingly limited ammunition.

In addition, it was proposed, in an email from Senator Harry Reed, that the federal government could expedite the expenditure of bullets by supporting efforts to encourage ‘open carry’ in wildlife preserves, public parks, state beaches, Pre-K, and weddings, while at the same time, offering low rate federal loan guarantees for the construction of more than 1500 new firing ranges in any state which chooses to participate in the program. Further suggestions from Reed included a moratorium on laws restricting the discharge of a firearm during legitimate road rage incidents as well as a substantial tax right off for hospitalization and funerals resulting from accidental shootings.


A high level White House source, on the condition of anonymity, went on to reveal that while the plan is for now top secret, drafts of the proposed Presidential Executive Order, were shared with a variety of left leaning groups and individuals, including Rev Al Sharpton, Planned Parenthood, leading Gay rights activists, the Muslim Brotherhood,  the ACLU, and MSNBC. Suggestions for naming the new law, or Executive order, thus far include ‘Guns Don’t Kill People-Bullets Kill People’, the ‘Trayvon Martin Reparations and Justice At Last Act’, as well as ‘Obama in 2016!’.



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