OBAMA White House Set To CANCEL THANKSGIVING And Replace It With…


We are officially closing in on the end of Obama’s disastrous presidency, thank GOD. The Kenyan has ramped up his Anti America campaign to unprecedented heights with his ILLEGAL amnesty, insane nuclear deals with IRAN, gun confiscation, massive military cuts unlike ever before and the list goes on and on and on.

Obama has unquestionably been the most ANTI AMERICAN president our great country has ever seen. He has continually trashed American and European traditions, the very traditions our country is founded on.

Here is what the Marxist wants to do. Ready? He wants to ban THANKSGIVING! That’s right folks! The wonderful day we all get together and give thanks. Obama thinks it’s racist. Unbelievable.

Susan Payne, a Conservative political activist was on a conference call with Obama’s assistant and director of the Domestic Policy Council, who is  a former legislative director for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the radical pro-amnesty Latino Supremacist group. The Mexicans say that THANKSGIVING is a ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST’ holiday!
REALLY? Well, if you don’t like our holidays then GET THE HELL OUT!
According to Top Right News, Payne says that on the conference call the President’s Domestic Policy director said that one of the plans, seriously-discussed, was to rename Thanksgiving “Immigrants Day.”
Payne went on to say that the purpose of the President’s conference call was, “How can we make life better for an illegal alien? And basically kicking the citizen out to the curb.”

Top Right News was able to confirm Payne’s account. It is truly insane that such a suggestion would be anything but laughed out of bounds on a White House conference call. and it is unimaginable that the American people would stand for it. But the fact that the concept would be discussed seriously, and openly, at the highest levels of the White House is deeply disturbing. Such is the radical nature of the pro-amnesty La Raza groups that have this president’s ear.

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NOTE: Perhaps at the prodding of the Obama cabal, the liberal husband and wife team who run the fact-checking website Snopes decided to try and debunk the story by focusing on a fundraising email that wildly exaggerated it, claiming that Obama had already “prepared a draft of an executive order.” Payne claimed no such thing, and neither did our sources, who did confirm that the idea received the endorsement of the White House.


Yet Snopes rendered the entire story as “FALSE,” based solely on the exaggerated account, adding to their reputation of coming up short in delivering all the facts unbiased manner.

The bottom line is this. Thanksgiving will ALWAYS be celebrated in my household. No Kenyan or Mexican can EVER stop my family and I from celebrating this cherished holiday. If they make it illegal then come knock on my door, and say hello to my ‘family.’



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