Internet ERUPTS After We Find Out Who OBAMA WORSHIPED 20 Years Ago- It’s NOT Alinsky OR Ayers


More than 20 years ago there was a fanboy named Obama.  Obama idolized The Donald – and what he stood for.  It seems back then Trump’s core values and temperament were just dandy!

In a never-published book written with a classmate during his Harvard Law School days, Obama reveals his aspirations and idolization of the Donald.  Portions of this book are published in the upcoming Obama biography Rising Star detailing young Obama’s dreams of becoming JUST LIKE Donald Trump when he grew up.


Obama detailed his version of the American dream in a Washington Post book review about Rising Star, stating –

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“The depth of this commitment may be summarily dismissed as the unfounded optimism of the average American — I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will.”


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The book destined to be discarded was alternately known as “Transformative Politics” or “Promises of Democracy: Hopeful Critiques of American Ideology,” written with Harvard classmate Rob Fisher during Obama’s enrollment at Harvard from 1988-1991. More than 25 years later, Obama, now a former president, has given a far different evaluation of Trump, the current president who has promised to undo much of Obama’s White House legacy and was a frequent critic of Obama during his tenure in the Oval Office.


Now more than two decades later and a presidency that more closely resembled that of a tyrannical monarchy, Obama, claims to have a far different opinion of President Trump than the glowing reports of the man that Obama aspired to grow to be just 20 years prior.  Now Trump is the current president and a very vocal critic of Obama’s policies while in office.  He ran his campaign on promises of undoing much of Obama’s  legacy and was a frequent critic of Obama during his tenure as president.

Obama responded as a child who’s favorite pet did not respond in an expected manner,  viciously needling Trump during a White House Correspondents Dinner speech in 2011 all while Trump himself looked on stoically from the audience.

Obama then raised the ante on his temper tantrum publically  railing against Trump stating Trump was “insecure enough that he pumps himself up by putting others down – not a character trait that I would advise in the Oval Office.” Obama also has used his public spokesperson to go after  Trump rather than speak with him directly since leaving office.

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