OBAMA’S AMERICA: Vets FURIOUS After Terrorist Float Allowed In Veterans Day Parade… While THIS Group Is Banned!


Only in OBAMA’S AMERICA. Controversy is brewing around Tulsa’s upcoming Veterans Day Parade after news broke that a MUSLIM group has been granted permission to participate in the parade while a Confederate veteran group were denied!

The group, “Confederate Veterans Lives Matter,” wanted to be a part of Wednesday’s parade, flying their Confederate flags, but the committee said no, according to KOTV-DT.


However, the committee did grant permission to the Muslim terrorist group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Unbelievable. 


Arlene Barnum and Allen Branch, with the group, are hoping to get answers from City Hall.

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They had planned to add their float to Wednesday’s Veterans Day Parade to honor what they said is an often-overlooked group, Confederate veterans.


“Just a regular old float, have the Confederate flag up there like we have mounted on our trucks, and have some people on the float, and wave our flags and have some visibility,” Barnum said.

The committee said it does not allow any group that pushes its own personal agenda, and it believes “Confederate Veterans Lives Matter” is a political message in itself.


So what is CAIR going to do there you freaking MORONS? CAIR has been labeled a terror group by the United Arab Emirates for God’s sake!

The group plans to file a discrimination complaint, stating the parade accepted a Muslim group but never even gave them a chance.

As you might imagine, the outrage among veterans has continued to grow after CAIR, was approved for a float in the Veterans Day parade. They consider this as a blatant display of disrespect for our veterans who served our country.

Many say this isn’t about Islam as a religion – they believe this group has terrorist ties.

Rex Morgan is a former helicopter mechanic for the U.S. Marines.

“I got a son who’s in right now. So it runs in the family,” he told KJRH.

A family history of patriotism is what he says brought him to rally Sunday to stand up against CAIR, a group he calls the enemy.

“From everything I know, they’re tied into the Muslim Brotherhood, which is tied into everything we’re fighting against,” Morgan said. “It’s a slap in the face.”

Members of “Confederate Veterans Lives Matter” said they would attend the parade and turn their backs on CAIR’s float, Conservative Tribune reports.

“Some of these guys gave a lot, some gave all,” Morgan said. “You can’t just forget when a guy gives up his life for his country. You can’t forget that.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Council for Islam-American Relations in Oklahoma declined to comment for KJRH’s story.

What do you think about this group being denied a chance to participate in this parade while CAIR is allowed to participate? Share your thoughts and this story on Facebook and Twitter.


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