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Another story emerges from the seedy past of Barack Hussein Obama. This case has public records to support it which, unlike the Obamas’ disbarment and loss of their law licenses, have not been sealed.


There was a murder investigation and the documents surrounding it support this interesting glimpse into the White House occupant’s past.


It is common knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama, or Barry Soetoro, as he was known in his high school days, was quite fond of his marijuana.  His former pot dealer, Raymond Boyer, turned up dead one day, the victim of a bludgeoning with the claw end of a hammer at the age of 37.


More details are being released about the demise of the friend, “Gay Ray”, who was thanked by Obama in his book for “all the good times.” the acknowledgment in the book related to his supplying of Obama with his marijuana.


Court documents uncovered by the Daily Mail detail the final days of Boyer before he was killed by his gay lover, a male prostitute named Andrew Devere.


When Obama knew him in Hawaii, Boyer was a pizza restaurant manager. After he lost that job, he ended up on welfare and took residence above a car repair shop. Boyer took in Devere, who complained that he was habitually mistreated, that Boyer constantly made fun of him and had a habit of letting flatulence go in his face.


The court documents from 1991 indicated that Devere described a prime factor leading to the killing of Boyer on New Year’s Day, 1986 as his supplying Devere’s friend with drugs which he felt were killing him. He also reported that Boyer embarrassed him in front of others, with several other “domestic disputes” also enumerated. In general, a pattern of abusive behavior is detailed which finally proved to be more than Devere was willing to accept, according to his testimony.


Ultimately, the documents indicate it was an argument over money for drugs which resulted in Boyer being killed.  Although he received a life sentence, Devere was released in 2007.  He has since married a woman and stayed employed and largely out of police custody.


While his wife says Devere is embarrassed by his past, she reminds him that he can’t run from it and blames much of the bad decisions he made on his drug addiction.


She continued, “He survived being a prostitute.  I think drugs affect people in different ways. It depends how you are brought up,” she said. “If you have the right tools to deal with them then it’s okay. But if not they definitely subtract from the good.”

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