BREAKING: Obama’s DOJ Just Made MASSIVE Ruling On Transgender Bathroom Law…


Obama’s DOJ has jumped in on the ‘controversial’ transgender bathroom law in North Carolina and have issued threats and an unbelievable ultimatum- comply or face the wrath of Obama. 

The U.S. Justice Department says that the North Carolina law ‘limiting protections’ to LGBT people violates federal civil rights protections and can’t be enforced. Furthermore, the state is being warned that it is in danger of being sued and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.


The law, which also requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that conform to the sex on their birth certificate, has been broadly condemned by gay-rights groups, businesses and entertainers, some of whom have relocated offices or canceled shows in the state, FOX reports. Several other states have proposed similar laws limiting LGBT protections in recent months.

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In a letter to Gov. Pat McCrory, the Justice Department said federal officials view the state law as violating federal Civil Rights Act protections barring workplace discrimination based on sex. Provisions of the state law directed at transgender state employees violate their anti-discrimination protections, the letter said.


“The State is engaging in a pattern or practice of discrimination against transgender state employees and both you, in your official capacity, and the state are engaging in a pattern or practice of resistance” of their rights, the letter said.

McCrory’s spokesmen did not respond to email and text messages Wednesday. In the past, the governor has defended the law and said he didn’t think it would have any financial impact, either on the economy in general or on federal school funding in particular.


But shortly after it was passed, PayPal reversed plans to open a 400-employee operation center in Charlotte, Deutsche Bank froze expansion plans near Raleigh and convention officials reported some meetings were avoiding the state. Nearly 200 corporate leaders from around the country, including Charlotte-based Bank of America, have urged the law’s repeal, arguing it’s bad for business because it makes it more difficult to recruit talented employees.

The Justice Department has also notified the 17-campus University of North Carolina system that the state law violates Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which bars discrimination in education based on sex, the letter said. That could lead to North Carolina losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal school funding.

The letter effectively serves as a warning to the state to proceed at its own peril or risk being sued.

How is using the proper restroom a civil rights violation? It’s simple- men use the men’s room and women use the women’s room. It’s always been that way- at least until we had a hardcore liberal, Muslim, drug addicted drunken Kenyan elected by a bunch of scumbags.

Why is our hard earned tax dollars being used to blatantly further a satanic agenda?

Allen West’s Michelle Jesse has more on this:

Interesting, too, isn’t it, that Obama’s Justice Department is eager to use the power of the purse to clamp down on state and local laws in conflict with its own agenda — such as the so-called bathroom law. Meanwhile, sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency — in violation of the law — are not just tolerated, but even encouraged. The only difference is that in one case, the “tragedy” is someone having to use a particular bathroom, whereas in the other, the tragedy is someone like Kate Steinle brutally murdered at the hands of an illegal immigrant that should have been dealt with through our system.

Meanwhile, have we heard the U.S. Justice Department intervene in, say, states like Oregon and Colorado penalizing bakers exercising their religion by opting not to serve same-sex weddings? Crickets.

Once again, Obama continues to make his priorities crystal clear.

Spot on.

Tank God that Obama’s tyranny is almost done.

Trump will get our country back on track real fast.

God Bless.



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