Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate Heading To Congress… Here’s What We Know


Barack Obama has been facing claims that his Hawaiian heritage was fake, and now new evidence has arisen regarding the matter.

He will now face Congress, that will decide which crimes he had done having this in mind.

Trump was the first person to question Obama’s background during the election cycle.


According to a news conference Thursday, Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, evidence were presented by the only law enforcement officer to formally investigate the fraud suspicions.

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According to the documents the photo was falsified.

However, Arpaio, is retiring on Jan. 1 so, as CBS News reported, the evidence have to go elsewhere and he “will cut off Arpaio’s investigation into Obama’s birth certificate.”

Mike Zullo was Arpaio’s lead investigator since 2011 regarding the birth certificate issue, and he stated for WND that needs the Congress estimate regarding the document.


“This is what we have learned. Every secretary of state is powerless to investigate a candidate,” he told WND. “They have to take everything on face value.”

WND explains the reasons and issues behind the story in detail.


The No. 1 bestseller “Where’s The Birth Certificate?” investigates Obama’s background thoroughly.

Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., and author of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” and stated that Zullo and Arpaio “have done the United States a heroic service demonstrating by forensic analysis that the long form birth certificate produced in a White House news conference on April 27, 2011, as Barack Obama’s authentic birth certificate is a forgery.”

“The nine points of forgery between the Johanna Ah’nee birth certificate and Obama’s [long-form birth certificate] prove convincingly that the Ah’nee birth certificate was the source document from which the Obama LFBC was created.”

Their intentions “vindicate the extensive research WND conducted over years to bring this issue to the attention of the American public.”

There were a total of nine photos of Obama that were allegedly copied from another birth certificate, that belongs to Johanna Ah’nee.





The investigator stated the following:

“Doesn’t it just make sense that Alvin Onaka’s stamp and the April 25th date stamp were lifted from someplace also? Ask yourself this question. If anyone presented you with a document in your life that was this suspect would you readily accept it or would you begin an intense vetting, be it a house title, a car title, a piece of currency, anything? Would you accept something this suspect if presented to you in your life? If you answered no, then ask yourself a second question, don’t the American people have a right to vet the documents that they are presented by public officials.”

Forlabs, an Italian company that handles extraction of information from multimedia files, gave its own insight.

“We had two experts from two countries in separate disciplines of forensics that came to one conclusion: Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate it not authentic,” the report said.

Furthermore, Zullo also quoted from the investigation by Hayes: “The (nail in the coffin) that proves that Certificate of Live Birth is inauthentic is the exact lineup of numerous entries on both [certificates].”


Arpaio also claimed to have been ready to verify the document and said, “Five years ago I said one thing, show us the microfiche, the birth certificate and we’ll all go home.”


“Maybe some members of Congress will hold some hearings, open to the public regarding this matter. … If they can hold hearings … on underinflated footballs, why can’t you hold one on this?” he said. “Look at our evidence, just look at it.”

Still he pronounced this to be a “fake, fake birth certificate.”

As far as the evidence go, the sheriff’s office stated: “It is the opinion of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that the birth certificate on your right, belonging to Johanna Ah’nee, was in fact used as a source document in the digital creation of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate.”

“What are the odds that two stamps in two separate boxes stamped by hand … days apart would have the exact same angle?” the investigators ask.

“It should be pointed out these stamps were looked at by two separate document examiners in two forensic disciplines on two continents,” the video explains.

See what else was reported according to WND. 

The sheriff was insisting to learn the truth so he even included a preacher, pastor, author, radio host and former law enforcement officer Carl Gallups of the PPSIMMONS blog in the investigation.

“This investigation and its forensic conclusions in my opinion will vindicate a lot of people. That vindication includes the sheriff and his investigator of course but also president-elect Donald Trump. It also vindicates millions of Americans who dared to ask questions about this nefarious birth certificate and have been lampooned and marginalized by certain members of the press and other operatives for doing so. The investigation also vindicates those in the press who did have the guts to speak to this and to spend time investigating it, like WND,” Gallups said.

“I have a feeling that this matter is not over. Not by a long shot. I cannot imagine that authorized federal authorities will now not step in and investigate this matter to its conclusion.”


Additionally, Jake Tapper also shared his opinion on the subject.

“You’ve trafficked in this rather preposterous notion that Obama was not born in the United States and that he may have forged his birth certificate that he released.”

He continued, “Why would you risk your credibility on issues you care about – like illegal immigration, like law enforcement – by getting involved in this nonsense?”

“What do you mean ‘risk’?” Arpaio asked. “I’m the chief law enforcement officer elected by the people. I have a right to investigate and speak out. I’m not talking about where he came from. I don’t care where he came from. We’re working on a fraudulent, forged government document. That’s what we are doing.”

Tapper continued, “You’re maintaining that the birth certificate that the president of the United States revealed and released to the public, you’re maintaining that that is fraudulent?”

“That’s right,” Arpaio responded.

The CNN host asked, “Is there anyone, any credible law enforcement person outside of you and your organization and your contractors, who has any agreement with you on this?”

“No, they haven’t looked at it,” Arpaio said. “What, are you kidding? I’m probably the only law enforcement official who has looked into it. Nobody looks into it. They shy away from it.”

Tapper then meddled : “Because the president was born in Hawaii.”

“I don’t care where he was born,” Arpaio replied. “I’m talking about a fraudulent government document, a birth certificate. That’s all I’m concerned with. That’s a violation of the law.”


And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton who had to come out on Twitter  during a campaign appearance in Charlotte, North Carolina and wrote, “Someone who has never forgotten where he came from. And Donald, if you’re out there tweeting: It’s Hawaii.” –Hillary on @POTUS

God Bless.



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