Obama’s Famous THUG Rapper RAPES Woman, Black Lives Matter Has DISGUSTING Response [VIDEO]


DISGUSTING: Black Lives Matter Shows Their True Colors When They Defend The Rape Of A Woman They THINK Is White…Because They Like The Rapist Rapper

The rapper Nelly, famous for his music begging women to take of their clothing, has been arrested for rape.

Nelly was already in hot water for his behavior earlier that evening when he brought a very young girl up on stage and interacted with her in a way that some suggested was molestation.

That’s where this story should be focused but in the wake of the announcement, leading figures in the Black Lives Matter movement have come forward to defend him and deny that he did anything wrong. It’s important to remember that there’s no race of the woman ever mentioned.  These losers don’t even know if she’s white.  The mere assumption of her race was enough for them to declare the innocence of the accused.  Chief among these miscreant lowlifes is Tariq Nasheed, a favorite pundit among BLM thugs.

THE RAPE: Arrest Summary

The summary of Nelly’s arrest was released by the Auburn Police Department and reads as follows:

At 3:48 AM a female called 911 to report that she was sexually assaulted by a male, who is known as the rapper “Nelly.” The alleged assault was reported to occur on the tour bus that was parked at the listed location.  Nelly had performed at the White River Amphitheater just hours before.

Nelly’s Creepy Pedophile Behavior:

While Nelly was performing at the Amphitheater that evening, he brought a young girl, no more than 12 years old on stage.  While a slow-jam song began to play in the background Nelly asked the girl questions about her school and if she liked her teacher…then he began  fondling her hair while leaning in placing his face just inches from hers while he began  to serenade her.  The girl is visibly uncomfortable and twitter commentators were quick to point out how creepy the behavior was:

WHAT THE HELL?  Watching this makes me uncomfortable even!  The fact that Nelly was behaving like this in public leaves little wonder in my mind as to how he would behave when no one else was looking.  This should send shivers down your spine.

The Auburn Police report continues:

After Patrol Officers investigated the incident at 4:37 AM Nelly was taken into custody and booked at the SCORE jail facility.

Auburn Police are continuing to investigate this incident.  The above details are all we have to release at this time.

Black Lives Matter Reacts

Nelly’s defenders are already circling the wagon at the behest of Tariq.  Again, the race of the victim has not been announced.

Their hate is based solely on their imagination of her race because of where Nelly was performing. Take a look at some of these tweets calling it a “set-up” and lies from a white “devil”:


Meanwhile, Nelly has employed the help of defense lawyer Scott Rosenblaum.  Rosenblaum decided that he was a good enough investigator to dismiss the allegations without any evidence or alibi for the rapper.  Here’s what this ‘son of prattlement’ had to say for his client:

“Our initial investigation clearly establishes this allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness.

I am confident, once this scurrilous accusation is thoroughly investigated, there will be no charges.

Nelly is prepared to address and pursue all legal avenues to redress any damage caused by this clearly false allegation,”

The absurdity of making a violent assault on a woman an issue or race relations should disgust and dishearten you whether you see yourself as the next Malcolm X or went to the ballot box for President Donald J. Trump.

It has to stop.  Let’s pray that Nelly will see every ounce of righteous justice he deserves and that the young female victim recovers from her ordeal. As for Tariq, there’s a special place in Hell for people like him.

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