ALERT: Obama’s Feds BUSTED Building SECRET 500 Bed Facility In Rural Texas… Here’s The CHILLING Reason Why

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials announced the opening of an additional holding facility in south Texas to deal with the massive surge of illegal immigrants continuing to flood across the Mexican border thanks to the policies of Obama and his democrat goons.

The facility will provide additional space for holding approximately 500 illegal aliens and will be located near the Donna-Rio Bravo International Bridge in Donna, Texas, according to Bob Price at Breitbart Texas.

The new facility will temporarily hold the individuals as they are being processed for transfer to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for removal or detention, or to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for relocation elsewhere in the United States, officials stated.

HHS officials announced this week that they are overwhelmed with the flood of immigrant children and families. To deal with the budgetary crisis, the department is stripping allocated funds from medical research and services for American citizens.

For now, the department is making drastic cuts to health services for American citizens. Outgoing HHS Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell has directed that $167 million be cut from other programs to cover the costs of services for illegal immigrants through December 9 when the current continuing resolution expires.

CBP officials stated they “will also regularly assess whether to expand these facilities or keep this temporary facility operational based on the volume of people arriving at or between our Ports of Entry, or crossing the border in the South Texas area. CBP is prepared to add housing, beds, toilets, and bathing facilities as necessary.”

As the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the southwest border appears to have no end in sight, CBP officials stated they will continue to monitor the situation and add additional processing facilities. While the agency continues to state it will “work with other federal and international agencies to discourage individuals from embarking on the dangerous trip to enter the United States illegally,” they will not carry out the perhaps most effective measure of simply returning the immigrants to their home country when they are captured immediately after crossing the border.

For the record, The number of illegals entering the country has risen every month since February. In October, the number of family unit aliens captured increased 37 percent, and unaccompanied alien children increased by 19 percent.

We have Obama to thank for this catastrophe with his lax border policies.

Thankfully, Obama is soon to be just a distant, foul memory.

This all changes on January 20th folks!

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God Bless.



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