BREAKING: Obama’s Muslim Gov’t Workers Just Got NASTY Surprise From PRESIDENT TRUMP… SPREAD THIS

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Barack Obama has flooded our government with Islamists which means that these people, many with direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, have high security clearances. This is a blatant National Security risk to anyone with a brain. 

But we are called Islamophobes, racists and whatever else the libs can come up with simply because we understand how reckless and dangerous what Obama has done is. It’s actually mind boggling, frankly.

Well, now that Donald Trump is our new president many of these Muslims are panicking, fearing for their futures because let’s face it- these people are OUT OF HERE!

These Obama appointees are holding “informal meetings to discuss how to protect themselves from potential anti-Muslim witch-hunts,” Politico reports.


The leftist website reports that “the employees are on edge about everything from retaining their security clearances to the possibility of discriminatory treatment under Trump, whose top aides include known peddlers of conspiracy theories about Islamists infiltrating the U.S. government.”

Conspiracy theories? Actually these are facts.

We HAVE been infiltrated and it was and is fully orchestrated by Barack Hussein Obama.

“I feel apprehensive,” a Muslim intelligence official told POLITICO. “I fear that — whatever white power movement or equivalent all of a sudden feels empowered by the president-elect, whatever tidbits of that community make their way into government — at the most basic level people who are brown, Middle Eastern, Muslim or Sikh or whatever will either be looked at with a lens of suspicion or concern, or something more overt may take place.”

White power…

Obama’s regime is BLACK POWER but hey, that’s totally acceptable right?


Check this out!

“American Muslim Officials Prepare For Trump”

YouTube video courtesy of Wochit News

From Capt Joseph R. John at Combat Veterans For Congress:

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and MPAC have sinister goals that are not in support of the US Constitution or The Bill of Rights.  They have become a very dangerous “Fifth Column” in the United States, appointed by Obama to very high and sensitive positions in the US Government agencies. 

For nearly 8 years Obama has been filling the Washington bureaucracy including DHS, the CIA, DOD, the National Security Council, the White House, the State Department, every US Intelligence Agency, and the US Armed Forces with thousands of members of the CAIR, MPAC, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups.  


Folks, Trump is making all the right moves.

We are done with this leftist garbage.

If I were an Obama appointed radical jihadist I’d pack my bags and get the hell out of Dodge while I had the chance.

This all changes on January 20, 2017 folks! 

God Bless.



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