PREPARING!While Obama, Holder and the rest of the gun grabbing left are feverishly trying to disarm the citizens of America the National Guard under the direction of Holder’s DHS, the DOD and other ‘top secret’ agencies are coordinating, running drills and preparing for civil unrest.

With numerous reports of unmarked military vehicles and unknown cargo being transported to strategic locations throughout the country via railroad, airplanes and on the highways as well as with the unprecedented massive purchasing of ammunition by the government, one can only conclude that the Obama Administration is preparing for war here in the homeland.

With the unwillingness to prosecute known terrorists already in the country along with loosely governed open border policies and an obsession with amnesty (voters) again one must conclude that the preparations are aimed at controlling ‘We, the People’. Yes, that means all of us legal tax paying God and country loving folks!

We here at AMERICAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS urge you to educate yourselves, open your eyes and see what is happening around you and be prepared for the worst. We will do our best to inform and keep you updated! God bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

By CLARK KENT @ http://americasff.wpengine.com



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