Obama’s Meaningless “Changes” To NSA Phone Records Collection Policy

aaaansaspying-620x400By   VIA DOWNTREND

 One of the recommendations by the panel President Obama appointed to review NSA activities is that a third party should store the phone records the spy agency loves to sift through.

While our Commander in Chief has balked at many of the other recommendations, this appeared to be one he was willing to try to accommodate (be still, my civil libertarian heart).

Well, it turns out the National Intelligence Office is looking at ways of creating a third-party database that the NSA – and only the NSA can sift through. Meaning if your phone records are held by Verizon, it would be stored in an encrypted folder that – once put there – would be inaccessible to anybody but the NSA. So anytime Obama’s secret spies want to look at your data, they can do it without Verizon or anybody else knowing anything about it.

Think of it this way: You live in a condo, where you have a “common wall” with your neighbor. Your wife tells you to get rid of the collection of “adult films” your neighbor gives you. “I want them out of the house,” she says. So you build a safe into the common wall – that sticks out onto your neighbor’s side – and put the nudie flicks in there. Your neighbor has a slot to put the magazines in, but he can’t get them out or see what you remove. Problem solved! Your neighbor can’t get into the safe, even though it’s technically on their property, and that copy of “Edward Penishands” is there anytime you need it.
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It’s ridiculous, insulting and a slap in the face to Obama’s own review panel.


Look for more of this “change-but-no-change” twaddle in the next couple of years – at least until President Obama is out of office.


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