Obama’s Mini-Me, Ahmed ‘Clock-Boy’ Mohamed Threatens Lawsuit For THIS Sick Reason… (Video)


Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving, Texas Muslim teen who brought a fake clock-bomb to school is claiming that he’s been “severely traumatized” by his arrest. No doubt the Muslims will be suing for millions of dollars.

WFAA reports- “The family says that Ahmed has been severely traumatized. The family wants justice and to ensure no family will ever have to experience what Ahmed went through again,” a press release sent Wednesday stated.

Only a complete idiot would bring what looks like a fricking bomb to school. But that’s exactly what this little punk did.


Mohamed didn’t invent anything. He took apart an old clock and stuck it in a case. Period. It looked like a fricking bomb and the idiot brought it to school. Even the ultra liberal Bill Maher agrees! Lol, check it out.

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 at DownTrend has this:

But because Ahmed’s teachers suspected that something was amiss, because the cops were called to his school and because he was subsequently arrested for acting in a “passive aggressive” manner, the juvenile con artist now feels “severely traumatized.”


He allegedly feels this way despite the fact that the liberal mainstream media, President Barack Obama and even the United Nations fell hook, line and sinker for his bologna and turned him into a folk hero and legend deserving of international praise and adoration.

Even though this poor little liberal Muslim hero is ‘severely traumatized’ he manages to make the rounds on TV shows.

Here he is on Comedy Central- does he look traumatized to you? In fact, host Larry Wilmore if it was “cool” to get arrested.

Clock boy said it was “kind of cool. The only reason I felt cool about it was because I knew I was innocent and I knew that if I took it to court I would win.” Then he stood up and reenacted being handcuffed, wearing the same NASA t-shirt he had on that day. Check it out. Pathetic.

MERRILL HOPE at Breitbart has this:

This week, the severely traumatized Mohamed tweeted a lot — “Going to Cali!!!,” “#NYC here I come!,” and expressed zeal over meeting Comedy Central’s Wilmore. Mohamed announced his new Instagram account for the official I Stand with Ahmed Report for “my updates” and, on Friday, tweeted: “I’m enjoying New York!!!! It’s so awesome.”

The suitcase clockmeister looked chipper during his Google visit and on set with Dr. Oz for the Muslim holiday Eid.

Mohamed met Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu at a New York press event this weekend, using his newfound fame to accuse Texans of racism and anti-Muslim discrimination for his being taken into custody.

However, zero tolerance policies, not racism or Islamophobia, were responsible for his arrest.

Again, pathetic. And as far as being traumatized goes, the punk can pound sand…


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