Obama’s Plans For D-Day Anniversary Revealed, And You’re NOT Going To Like Them

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This year marks the 72nd Anniversary of the largest invasion of a nation to ever take place in human history on June 6, 1944. Otherwise known as D-Day, it was a turning point in the Second World War that ultimately led to the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Greatest Generation, and while most of America honors their heroism and sacrifice, Barack Obama is going to be doing something else entirely.

To say that those who landed on the beaches of Normandy should be honored and respected for an eternity would be an understatement. After all, they faced a brutal enemy that had shown it’s willing to perpetrate the most horrific crimes against humanity possible, and they did so knowing that they may not even make it to shore during the amphibious invasion.

Because of this, every year we pause to recognize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to free humanity from the throngs of pure evil. And while every sitting president thus far has paid his respects, this year Obama appears to have different plans entirely.

In fact, on the day he should be visiting war memorials and otherwise showing our brave men and women in the military that he’s worthy of being their commander-in-chief, he’s instead going to rub elbows with this year’s winners of the Super Bowl, at the White House, no less. Yeah, that’s what Obama plans to do, according to NBC Sports, because honoring football players is so much more important than honoring our nation heroes, or something.

From NBC:

It’s long been a tradition that Super Bowl champions pay a visit to the White House after securing their title and the Broncos will keep it alive next week.

The White House announced Wednesday that the Broncos will be in town on Monday to receive congratulations from President Obama, who will be greeting the eighth and final Super Bowl champions of his term. Cornerback Aqib Talib said this week that he had a new suit made for the occasion.

At this point, Obama’s willful ignorance should be deafening to anybody listening. Just as he disrespected our veterans on Memorial Day weekend by apologizing to Japan for the actions we took to end the war, he’s disrespecting them again by ignoring their sacrifices on the anniversary of what’s arguably one of the most important days in history. Tone deaf doesn’t even begin to describe this ideologue masquerading as a politician, and because of his repeated slaps in the face to America, he will go down in history as the worst president ever elected to office.

That much is a guarantee.

After nearly eight years of apologies, disrespect, and otherwise open contempt for this nation and all the good it’s done, Obama fatigue has officially become unbearable. I’m sure I speak for many, many other people when I say that I long for the day we have a president who loves America and is proud to lead her rather than someone who despises its very existence.

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God Bless.



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