BREAKING: Obama’s Right Hand Man Planning MASSIVE RIOTS And Full Blown Anarchy- Spread This EVERYWHERE


Robert Mueller needs to go and end this farcical Russian witch hunt. Mueller has found no grand conspiracy between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to take the 2016 presidential election away from Hillary Clinton aka Lady Macbeth. Now he has decided to explore the Trump family companies and finances in an effort hoping against hope to find something.


There is no question that Mueller needs to go.

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He should never have been chosen in the first place as he was FAR from impartial. As Newt Gingrich explained, the conflict of interest surrounding the so-called “Special Counsel” is bordering on the utterly absurd.


Nevermind, Mueller is stacking his investigative team with leftist ideologues with an ax to grind and Democrats that have donated large sums to both Obama and Hillary, as well as other liberal and left leaning candidates.

Then there is Mueller’s rather cozy relationship with disgraced and ousted former FBI Director James Comey.


Comey by his own testimony broke the law by releasing his “memos” to his friend who then took the memos to the media at his direction. Of course, Comey never felt it necessary to take such memos under Obama’s presidency and he has allowed Hillary to escape prosecution on more than one occasion.

Preet Bharara is taking to Twitter to stir the pot in the meantime offering commentary.  Bharara is the former  U.S. attorney for Manhattan and was also fired under by President Trump.

Yet somehow some way despite months and months of investigation in attempts to find some sort of Russian connection, there has been nothing, nada, zilch, nyet. Yet Mueller is doggedly moving forward with plans to investigate the Trump family examining Russian purchases of apartments in Trump buildings, Trump’s involvement in a New York development with Russian associates in SoHo, the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and Trump’s 2008 sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch. Funny but I was unaware that there was a prohibition on Americans doing business with Russia? All of these are prior to the presidency.

Funny but I was unaware that there was a prohibition on Americans doing business with Russia? All of these are prior to the presidency. So remind me again what this witch hunt is about?

Oh yeah, I remember…..temper tantrums.

Meanwhile, Bharara and Neera Tanden, are taking to social media to discuss “taking to the streets” if Mueller is let go.

Massive street demonstrations, talking about the rule of law — funny but the rule of law did not matter one iota when Hillary Clinton was in the State Department using the office as her own personal fund raising vehicle for the Clinton Foundation or when Obama was violating the 4th amendment rights of American citizens or when the Obama administration was spying on reporters Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen. Or is your rule of law simply selective Mr. Bharara with enforcement done cafeteria style as you see fit so you simply get to pick and choose your position as it suits your personal ideologies?

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