‘Obama’s Son’ Poses With Large Caliber Pistol, Look What Happened HOURS After

If Barack Obama had a son, he would be living in Georgia, where a young boy posed with a large caliber handgun on Facebook, which led to the unthinkable.

While the left is already up in arms over more gun control, the fact of the matter remains that 14-year-old Reginald Lofton obtained his firearm outside the confines of the law, so there’s little, if anything that would have saved the life of 28-year-old Shane Varnadore- unless he was armed himself. Yeah, apparently, Lofton and his 21-year-old pal Jermaine Young got their hands on a high caliber pistol through illegal means, then decided they were going to off the Papa John’s delivery driver.

Why, you ask? To rob him of some pizzas, of course. Or at least that’s the story we’re hearing, for now.

But there’s also the fact that Varnadore, who was shot in a back alley and left to die by the little thugs, was a white man working hard to try to get ahead. So perhaps the shooting was racially motivated, which begs the question; do white lives matter? Not to common street thugs like Lofton and Young, or at least not until they get caught in the act of murder, that is.

‘Obama’s Son’ Poses With Large Caliber Pistol, Look What Happened HOURS After

Shane Varnadore

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more on this horrific hate crime:

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In court, the lead Gwinnett County investigator testified that both suspects blame each other for pulling the trigger, according to Channel 2 Action News.


“There were several times during the interview with facts changed, the story changed,” Gwinnett Police Detective Matthew Kenck said in court.

Kenck described a search warrant executed in their Lawrenceville apartment the day after the murder. Police believe the suspects hid the murder weapon and magazine inside pancake mix boxes in kitchen cabinets, according to Channel 2. Three of the four pizza boxes delivered that night were behind washers and dryers.


Hours before the murder, investigators testified that photos of the suspects were posted to Facebook, allegedly showing them posing with the same gun used in the murders with readable serial numbers solidifying that claim. Ballistic tests haven’t yet been returned on the gun.

Of course, little Reginald was probably a “good kid” who just felt “threatened” by a racist micro-aggression from Varnadore. Or maybe Varnadore was the original aggressor, and little Reginald had to wrestle the gun away from him to save his own life? We’ll probably hear all about how he’s a “straight-A student who loves arts and crafts and wouldn’t ever hurt a fly” – unless it was a white, fly, of course.

For what it’s worth, however, little Reginald’s family did offer their condolences to Varnadore’s family after their little thug of a son killed their believed family member. But it’s not exactly what you’d think. You see, while they acknowledged that this had to be an incredibly hard time for them after suffering such a senseless loss, little Reginald is really the victim here.

No, really.

“It’s hard. It’s stressful for both families, especially for a 14-year-old boy,” said Lofton’s sister, Porsha Porter.

Absolutely unbelievable. This little idiot thug kills a man in cold-blood, and his sister says it has to be stressful for him?! What about the family that has to put their loved one in the ground? What about the man who laid in the street suffering while your animal of a brother was inside yucking it up with his thug buddy and chowing down on the pizza they just stole?

You make me sick, lady. You’re a part of the problem, not the solution.

Anyways, here’s the thing – we don’t need gun control, we need thug control, and you know where that starts? Holding their irresponsible parents accountable when things like this happen, since it’s evident they did little, if anything to raise their a**hole kids the right way.

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God Bless.


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