In this Feb. 12, 2013 photo, President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address


President Obama should change the name of his annual State of the Union speech to the “State of the Coup,” according to Rush Limbaugh.

“Now let me tell you what’s gonna happen,” Limbaugh said. “The media’s not listening here. They never do. They will hear that I said this, on another website. (…) They will be outraged. Then later tonight or tomorrow” they’ll start complaining about it.

Limbaugh promised to keep saying “coup” during the rest of the show “just for the fun of it.”

This isn’t the first time Limbaugh has used the word “coup” in connection with the Obama administration.

Last summer, revelations that the National Security Agency had collected communication data on American citizens prompted Limbaugh to declare, “What everybody knows and what nobody wants to come to grips with is we are in the midst of a coup taking place.”

On Monday’s radio show, Limbaugh noted that the theme of Obama’s upcoming address is “inequality,” as in income inequality, a subject that has been in Obama speeches much recently.

In light of that, Limbaugh offered the president an idea for a new program to help place all young people on a fair and equal footing as they enter the job market:

“All teenagers will be required to get high on the drug of their choice. They will be required to play video games. They will be required to remain jobless during summer breaks. They will not be allowed to do internships at companies which are really nothing more than indoctrination camps, as are high school and college.”

After all, according to “the president’s own philosophy,” Limbaugh explained, it’s “unfair” that some young people work hard while others don’t.

The radio host’s proposed program would “redefine as normal the least successful among us” – in the name of “equality,” of course.

Limbaugh’s new program will simply “do what the Democrats do every day: it will punish the achievers and the responsible.”

As an added bonus, he explained, those who are getting high and watching television instead of working “are the Democrat base. The president wants everybody to be part of the Democrat base, so here’s how we going to do it.”

Limbaugh explained that his ideas were inspired by years of observing how Democrats approach social problems and public policy.

“I’m just trying to help here,” he added.
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