BREAKING News Out Of The Navy- They Are DONE- This Is Horrible

Biden’s attack against White people continues. Now the U.S. Navy was gone woke adopting a leftist agenda aimed against White people.

The United States military of all branches was always supposed to remain apolitical, at was their duty and the oath.

Now under the Biden regime the military has quickly abandoning apolitical policies and under the Pelosi and Austin doom duo, the military has been instituting new policies for soldiers and now for sailors.

Take a look at this and you will be blown away.

The US Navy’s “extremism” training says it’s okay to advocate for Black Lives Matter (BLM) while at work but sailors are not allowed to discuss “politically partisan” issues, according to training slides obtained by Fox News.

A question posed in a “scenarios for discussion” slide asked if BLM was “political stuff” that superiors in the Navy are “not supposed to be talking about at work,” according to the slides, which Fox obtained from a U.S. military official who took part in the training at the Pentagon.

The answer given by the Navy called BLM a “public policy issue” and gave the green light for advocating for the organization “as long as the behavior is otherwise lawful and the advocacy is not politically partisan in nature.”

Whatever that means.

This should be national news on an epic scale, that our military is now essentially turned into a leftist ran military.  They not only threaten but punish soldiers/sailors for believing in the constitution as well as the belief in freedom.  These are considered “political extremism and white nationalism”, so they are not allowed to discuss or be part of any group that is considered conservative in nature that believes in standing up against tyrannical regimes within our nation.

“Advocating for or against a public policy issue (as here) is authorized as long as the behavior is otherwise lawful and the advocacy is not politically partisan in nature (e.g. it doesn’t specifically address a political party),” the slide reads. “If the discussions make you uncomfortable, discuss the matter with your boss or another supervisor.”

What is this? Freaking kindergarten? These are warriors for God’s sake!

Meanwhile China is building a powerful and superior fighting force.

Fox News continued:

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby was asked at Monday’s press briefing whether talking about BLM in the workplace is “considered partisan.”

Kirby responded that he was “not able to answer that question” and that the discussion as to why could “go down a rabbit hole on a million different things.”

“What we’re trying to get after here is the kind of ideology that inspires conduct and behavior. … And it’s not about one side or the other on the aisle,” said Kirby. “It’s not about what God you worship or choose not to worship. It’s about ideology that inspires you or can inspire others to bring harm inside the force.”

“And that’s what we’re trying to get after,” Kirby added.

Part of the oath is defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.  Which begs the question, are they making soldiers/sailors reaffirm their oaths for those on the outside of the militarized D.C. or for those inside the fences?

The oath, “To support and defend the Constitution of the United States . . . against all enemies both foreign and domestic . . .” Yet Pelosi ordered the National Guard to the District of Columbia from every state territory to provide a backdrop for the current President’s inauguration and a sitting Congressperson wanted them to take an additional oath of loyalty presumably to a particular political party.

Now our Capital is militarized with barbed wire and armed soldiers, ostensibly at the behest of the Speaker of the House — when did she receive command authority? — and this military occupation of our Nation’s Capital will reman in place until Pelosi’s new 900 Capitol Police will be trained like soldiers as well as the creation of a Quick reaction Task Force and Top Secret “Security” implementations set into place.

Anyways, I digress…

Kirby said the Pentagon was taking their push to combat extremism in their ranks “seriously” and recognized that the issue was “a hard problem to get our arms around.”

“But we can’t just put our head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist. We can’t just say, ‘well, it’s not a problem.’ It is a problem,” continued Kirby. “The other problem is, we don’t know how big it is. And so that’s what we’re trying to learn. And I think you’re gonna see this unfold over time.”

“I’m not going to be able to come to the podium this week, next week or the week after with a plan and say, ‘This is it. This is how this is how it’s defined,’” the press secretary continued.

So it is open ended, with no real definitions and 0 guidelines, all we know is the new policies are hard left leaning and very anti-right.  While they target militias, oathkeepers, proud-boys, pro-Trumpers just to name a few, they are leaving hard left groups like Black Lives Matter alone.

Good luck with that steaming pile of shit soup, creating division within the ranks of our military will accomplish nothing but bureaucratic policies that now allow Brass to push whatever narrative they want down soldiers throats.


God Bless.


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God Bless.

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