Officer In Viral ‘His Life Matters’ Photo VICIOUSLY Attacked By BLM Thug…


Two Texas police officers of different races have shared a powerful response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Trinity Police Department shared a moving photo of Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens, which has gone viral across social media. Both officers had the words “his life matters” written on their palms, with arrows pointing to one another.

In the wake of the Dallas police shooting and racial unrest in the country, the moving photo has resurfaced.

But not everyone is a fan considering Obama has, in effect given the GREEN LIGHT for blacks to kill white people and police officers.

Here’s the original post:


Of course one of Obama’s black scumbags that happens to be a celebrity pulled the race card and attacked Our heroes.

Scumbags name is Tyrese Gibson. Yeah, that’s a black dude to be sure.

Scumbag wrote:

“But how many people ON YOUR FORCE have used excessive force, have abused their power, murdered and killed innocent people – planted evidence to SEE to it that that black man or Latino went to jail… And you both just sat there and didn’t report your “partner that matters” he put his badge back on and go back out to the streets as if nothing ever happened????? To the officers in this picture please answer these questions???? We ALL matter but when we do wrong we PAY for every time….,”

  1. Black thug is illiterate.
  2. He’s full of sh*t.
  3. I have never heard of him.
  4. Not all of us matter- killers, rapists and other degenerates have no place in society. and that is who this dude is sticking up for while blasting law enforcement
  5. Blacks commit most of the crimes in the U.S.
  6. Whites are peaceful for the most part although the misguided white trash that follow the Black Lives Matter movement are complete scum.
  7. Shut your racist piehole punk because our Police officers are heroes and are being killed by black thugs just like you.

Jones said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” today that he found it disheartening that Gibson decided to criticize the photo, which he and Givens did to promote unity.

He said that Gibson, who has millions of social media followers, should use his influence to create a positive dialogue.

“He doesn’t know Officer Givens and I, he doesn’t know the officers in my department,” Jones said. “And to answer his question, the answer is none, none of the above.”

“Stop assuming, stop hating and stop jumping on each other,” Jones said. “I think we need to start talking to each other and come together and work together as a group.”

Screw Black Lives Matters. A bunch of filthy racist anarchists. Useless scumbags.

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