OH NO: Michelle Obama Just Dropped ELECTION Bombshell And LOOK… NOT GOOD


We can all agree that Joe Biden is the crappiest president in the history of The United States.


We are all struggling like never before thanks to Biden and his Communist regime.

The corruption and insanity is rampant.

Everything he touches turns to crap.

The dude can’t remember where he is, what he’s doing and is controlled by CHINA as well as THE DEEP STATE.

Our beautiful country is being destroyed on a daily basis and one would think that the 2024 Presidential election should be a slam dunk for Trump considering what a terrible job Biden has done and there doesn’t appear to be any threatening democrat challengers to Biden-or is there?

No I’m not talking about Kennedy who is far superior to Biden and has the name recognition.

I’m talking about the one and only Michael Robinson MICHELLE OBAMA!

The liberal guru.

They Love Her

Anthony Smith at The GOP Times writes:

“As far as the liberal horde is concerned, Michelle Obama can do no wrong.

As it turns out, as bad as Joe Biden is doing right now, the only Democrat out there that the horde wants more than Joe is Michelle.

Joe has some tight races, but he leads every other big name in the Democrat Party.

The only name that appeared above him in a head-to-head battle was Michelle Obama, and it was not even close.

Michelle led Joe 48 to 36, so you better believe the Democrat Party is out there pleading with Michelle to be on standby if Joe falters or they figure a way to make him not run.”

The question is- would Michelle Obama be willing to run?

Hey, it’s entirely possible and she would be almost impossible to beat because democrats LOVE the Obamas.

In actuality Barack Hussein would be in control.

This would be our worst nightmare.

Newt Gingrich issued a warning to Republicans.

“I think Republicans had better pay significant attention to Michelle Obama,” Gingrich advised.

“I hadn’t believed that until I saw her onstage with Bruce Springsteen. I thought, you know, this is not a person who’s hiding.”

“So, it’s conceivable that Susan Rice and others are beginning to say they’re not gonna be part of some kamikaze reelection campaign with a guy who can’t remember what he did yesterday,” he added, referring to the DEMENTED ONE CHINA JOE.

Take it for what it’s worth but if Michelle did actually run she could very well beat Trump without even cheating like Biden did in 2020.

Personally I doubt she will run but stranger things have happened.

She could be the ‘October Surprise’!



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