Watch Video Of Liberal LUTANTIC Keith Olbermann As He Loses His Mind And Demands Trump Be Arrested NOW!

Former ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann is calling for the arrest and removal of President Trump, and he believes it should happen now.

The call for Trump’s apprehension came during a rant on Olbermann’s YouTube program Olbermann vs Trump, shortly after Trump addressed the nation on Thursday evening, Breitbart reports.


Olbermann’s latest round with ESPN began in early 2018, where Olbermann started an occasional commentary on Sports Center. Later in 2018 he went back to the anchor desk at Sports Center where he also did play-by-play on some of ESPN’s Major League Baseball telecasts.

Olbermann was flaky with ESPN several times since the early 1990s, he left twice to MSNBC to host political propaganda shows there. His most recent political rhetoric show was for a series on in 2017, titled “The Resistance,” as stated by The Hollywood Reporter.

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Fast-forward to 2020, Keith Olbermann has been an extreme vocal critic of President Trump and clearly shows his extreme hate with his saber rattling rhetoric.


The latest attack on the President was due to President Trump calling for truth and transparency with the vote counts:


“We think there’s going to be a lot of litigation because we have so much evidence, so much proof, it’s going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land, you’ll see. We think there’ll be a lot of litigation, because we cannot have an election stolen like this.

We want every legal vote counted, and I want every legal vote counted. We want openness and transparency – no secret count rooms, no mystery ballots, no illegal votes being cast after Election Day.” ~ President Trump

Olbermann waisted no time with his little YouTube videos and went full on the attack with demands and blatant slander against the President.

Here’s the full video:

Breitbart continued their report, Olbermann is a frequent and vocal critic of Trump. Last month, Olbermann said that Trump should be given the “death penalty” for “each count” of the 220,000 Americans who have died from the coronavirus.

Keith Olbermann should be finding ways to use his voice and reach to better our nation and the citizens that live in our nation.  Instead, he chooses to use his hate and his underwhelming slander to abuse and attack out President and our nation.

As reported by, Friday, Oct. 8, Olbermann, who was a political anchor on MSNBC from 2003 to 2011, pulled no punches in his attack on President Donald Trump. Olbermann accused Trump of trying to nullify the 2020 election, calling the president “demonic” and a “fascist.” But Olbermann didn’t stop there, accusing Trump of plotting “terrorism” should he lose to former Vice President Joe Biden in November.

This is really no different than the Democrats and those who simply do not like President Trump.  One would think that in this day in age, we should be uniting and setting aside our differences to find ways to help each other and improve our nation.

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