One Liberal Celebrity Keeps Promise To Leave America, And We Are Absolutely THRILLED


Do you remember all the celebrities who swore they would leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president? There were a hell of a lot of them but so far, none of them have followed through. But apparently there is at least one star that plans on following through on his promise and frankly, I am beyond thrilled! 

TMZ reporters caught up with Latino comedian George Lopez, and when asked if he was willing to give Trump a chance, he said, “I’ll give him a chance to suck my a**.”

Keeping it classy. What a d-bag punk.


Lopez mentioned he was “already in escrow,” and hinted that he was working on leaving the country.

“Listen, man, I’m in escrow so don’t worry about my residential status,” Lopez said, “and I’m not going to tell you where I’m going to go because it will drive up real estate prices ’cause by the end of the year no one’s gonna wanna be here.”


So, this is great news! We don’t need scumbags like George Lopez in America. The sooner he leaves, the better!

You might remember when Lopez attacked Trump during his campaign with some extremely nasty posts to social media.


Stay classy scumbag.

It gets worse.

He even took on our soon to be First Lady, Melania Trump.

Kim Smith at Conservative Tribune has this to say:

Now the joke’s on him, and it’s time for him to leave.

It’s time celebrities wake up and realize that most thinking Americans don’t care what they think — especially about politics. Some celebrities like to go around believing they are more enlightened than everyone else, but that notion exists only in their heads.

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Stars like Lopez lost this election right along with Clinton and the mainstream media because they all live in their own bubble — a bubble that was popped by a movement that was ready for change.

Good riddance George. You are washed up anyways so you may as well go retire somewhere you feel safe. Why not go back to Mexico- you’ll fit right in.

Let us know in the comments below what you think! Tell us where you thing Lopez should go!

God Bless.

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