BOOM: One MILLION Welfare Peasants Just Got TERRIFYING News And We LOVE It [VID]


Bad news for the people who have made a living by abusing the welfare system- the free ride is OVER!

Two years ago, Barack Obama signed the latest “Farm Bill,” a piece of legislation that is generally renewed every five years and funds a bevy of food- and agriculture-related government programs, Vice reports. The 2014 version was subject to a brutal legislative fight, and in the end, conservatives in Congress were able to get $8.7 billion in cuts to food stamps written into it.

House Republicans originally argued for a food stamp cut of between $20.5 billion and $39 billion, but the White House threatened to veto both of those proposals.


Now some of the consequences of those cuts are coming into effect: By some estimates, upward of a million Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 are set to lose their food stamps in 2016.

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The people who are bearing the brunt of the budget cuts are known as ABAWDs: able-bodied adults without dependents. If you’re young, childless, and rely on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits—more commonly known as food stamps—you’re probably an ABAWD.


Last year, the federal government informed the states that they should be tracking ABAWDs closely and making sure they aren’t going past that three-month limit. States with persistently high unemployment can still qualify for waivers, but a few states—mostly those controlled by Republicans—are adopting restrictions on food stamps even though the federal government isn’t forcing them too. In total, 40 states will have some sort of time limit on SNAP benefits in place this year, 23 for the first time since the Great Recession.

In New York State, there are over 50,000 able bodied abusers slated to be kicked off SNAP for three years on April 1.


Due to waivers possessed by a number of counties throughout the nation, however, many abusers will still be able to retain their benefits — meaning in effect that the estimated one million count would be significantly higher were the waivers not in place, Conservative Tribune reports.

Still, something is better than nothing, and with so many Americans shamelessly living off the dole while making zero effort to better their lives, it bodes well for the country that the president finally agreed to take at least some action against this abuse.

Look, millions of people legitimately need help and that’s why these programs exist. Disabled people and our elderly Americans genuinely need assistance and I have no problem paying taxes to help them but when it comes to paying for scumbags to sit around all day playing video games, getting high and whatever else those losers do- I DRAW THE LINE!

Get off your lazy a$$es and get to work!


So, the gravy train is over for many of these leeches and for that I am thrilled.

God Bless.


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