OOPS! Chelsea Clinton Accidentally DESTROYS Michelle Obama


Chelsea Clinton seems to have a bad case of foot in mouth syndrome.  This time inadvertently ripping on Michelle Obama recently on Twitter.

Chelsea took to the social media outlet to comment regarding a recent study from the New York Times confirming kids learn better in school, are more attentive, and better retain when they are not hungry and eat more nutritional food.


One Twitter user echoed my own thoughts in stating that this is common sense.  Why exactly do we need a study for this?

Chelsea, of course, used that as an opportunity to double down and attack Republicans.  She claims Republicans have been trying to repeal free lunches and block nutritional food requirements, stating –

“Sadly, many Republicans continue to argue against free school lunches & breakfasts & against nutritional support for families.”

Twitter users were quick to ask if Chelsea opposes Michelle Obama’s wildly unpopular school lunch program that left school children perpetually hungry in response to her obvious attempt to bash Republicans.

Michelle’s National School Lunch Program provided lunches to school children for free or at a reduced price. The lunches were heavily regulated and are required to adhere to strict nutritional standards imposed, who made fighting obesity a key issue for her during her time in the White House.

Since although Chelsea was obviously trying to bash Republicans it was Michelle that worked to completely overhaul the national school lunch program and expand the free and reduced program. Michelle was successful in overhauling the program but students across the country have been posting to social media for years about the small, gross, and unappetizing lunches available at public schools as a result of the changes made.


Many compared the meals to prison food or soylent green – an ode a 1973 Charlton Heston movie about 40 million hungry people in New York.  It is supposed to be soy and lentil based and it turns out to be made of people.The lunch program was considered a large part of Michelle’s initiative to curb childhood obesity and largely considered a failure.  Many schools either ceased to participate at all foregoing federal dollars in an effort to be free of the restrictive program.

Republicans and Democrats alike have been trying to introduce legislation to do away with the program but until President Trump was elected it was unsuccessful.  The Trump administration previously released the news that Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program is going straight in the garbage where it belongs.   Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue unveiled new flexibility for schools in how they meet federal nutrition standards for school lunches back in late April/early May of this year.



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