Biden’s Open Borders DISASTER Is KILLING People – And It’s NOT Who You Think

By Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel and Dino Porrazzo at Americas Freedom Fighters

So, we already know that Biden’s pathetic open borders policies are flooding our country with third-world poor and future Democrat voters. It’s a complete disaster.

And we’re told by these Marxist lunatics in his party that it’s ‘compassionate’ to encourage these people to make the expensive and dangerous journey to America.

Of course, those hypocrites are among the monied, pampered political elite and they don’t have to deal with hordes of illegal aliens traipsing through their neighborhoods.


If they did, our border would be secure by tonight.

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But there is a bigger cost to all of this than just to American taxpayers.


There is a human cost.

To the migrants themselves, as Breitbart News reports:


At least 50, and perhaps 200, migrants have died in the Panama jungle while trying to reach President Joe Biden’s dangled offer of jobs in the United States, according to press reports.

That number will increase substantially.

‘Everyone in the Biden administration and in the advocacy groups, and the NGOs that participate in this, should be ashamed of what is happening.,’ Jessica Vaughan, the policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said.

“Biden’s policy is so wrong, not only in the sense of the law, but morally wrong, because his policies are motivating people across the globe to turn over their life savings and put themselves and their children in the hands of a criminal smuggling organization, to take a very dangerous track through jungles, over danger dangerous bodies of water, breaking the laws of multiple countries on the way, putting themselves at risk for extortion, assault, and many other forms of harm,” she added.

Yeah, they ought to be ashamed about a lot of things, especially these border policies.

But they’re not because they want the mass migration to occur.

And after all, it’s not them who are at risk.

How ‘compassionate.’

This needs to end now!

FYI. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is set to report just under 2 million migrant encounters nationwide for the recently ended Fiscal Year 2021. The number of migrants encountered by Border Patrol agents and CBP officers jumped 202 percent over the previous year’s roughly 647,000.


By Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel

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