EXCLUSIVE: Open Letter To Liberals From A PISSED OFF PATRIOT Goes VIRAL- When You See It You’ll Know Why


This is an America’s Freedom Fighters EXCLUSIVE

So here’s what we know about James Hodgkinson:

– He was an avowed Bernie Sanders supporter, and even volunteered for his campaign.
– He was vehemently anti-Trump.
– He was an MSNBC and CNN fanboy.
– He attended numerous anti-Trump rallies.
– He supported socialism in America.
– He was pretty much as far to the left as you can get and hated all things conservative.


However, the media is trying to downplay this angle. They’re trying to act like his ideology had nothing to do with his actions. They’re predictably trying to make it into a gun issue. They’re doing everything they can to disassociate him with the virulent anti-Trump fervor sweeping across the left since losing the election, even though if a Trump supporter had done this to Democrats, his beliefs would be the headline for at least five weeks as you further denigrated the half of the nation who voted for Trump and ISN’T violent..

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Meanwhile, liberals across social media are literally celebrating what happened. They’re literally saying that it was “karma” and that Scalise got what he deserved because he supports the NRA. They’re literally laughing and threatening there’s more to come, and others are even going so far as to say that it should have been the President rather than Scalise.


It’s disgusting. It’s disturbing, and it’s as anti-American as you can get.

This is terrorism, pure and simple.


If you’re celebrating this atrocity, you’re a sick individual. If you’re happy that your fellow American resorted to violence over political differences, you’re not my countryman. In fact, you’re no American; you’re a subversive traitor and so is anybody defending the piece of walking excrement responsible because you’re all enabling liberal terrorism in our own damn country!

You’re all a disgrace to this great nation and an affront to the values that hold it together.

You can’t get over the fact you lost a fair election so now you sit there and chant “resist” as you fan the flames of hatred and division, pushing people to the brink of violence and anxiously awaiting someone to take out the President. You spew violent vitriol while dehumanizing over half of the country who doesn’t toe the progressive line or worship at the altar of political correctness. You repeatedly call for the death of dissidents, and proudly proclaim the world would be a better place without conservatives all while applauding those using violence and intimidation against alleged “fascism” (read: innocent conservatives).

That’s not to mention, you repeat insane conspiracy theories while legitimizing and normalizing violence against the “Russian” president, then you sit there and you blame US, you blame the NRA, and you have the audacity to ignore the anger and rage you’ve been fomenting for months –rage that’s been building to a boiling point as you work tirelessly to convince the country that it’s conservatives causing problems.

Yeah, I’m looking at you, liberal media. I’m looking at those who glorified Kathy Griffin posing with the severed head of the President and defended the “art” of Shakespeare in the Park assassinating President Trump, I’m looking at the countless writers, pundits, and personalities that either defended or covered up extreme violence from Antifa thugs attacking innocent Trump supporters, looked the other way as Madonna threatened to blow up the White House, and cheered as Alec Baldwin made some of the most vile statements ever about the President.

But most of all, I’m looking at all of you who flood social media with anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, vile vitriol that has absolutely no place in public discourse, because you’re the ones these other idiots appeal to – the low information, low IQ voter who’s easy to manipulate and believes anything they read.

You know what? You’re no better than ISIS. You’re no better than the savages who dance around and chant after the slaughter of innocents. You’re no better than the barbarians who flood social media in the wake of a terror attack then throw it in the victims’ faces that their god is superior, and you’re no better than the third-world ingrates that kill in the name of their god. In fact, after this morning the only thing that separates you from them is instead of praying to a superior being, you pray to a nihilist dogma – a dogma that leads you to kill the non-believers and strike fear into the hearts of your enemy.

So congratulations, you disgusting excuses for human beings. You’ve successfully pushed you fellow leftists to the point that they’re trying to indiscriminately kill conservatives only because of their beliefs. In doing so, you’ve successfully eroded the most vital pillar of our representative republic – free speech – and you’ve made tens of millions of people fear for their own lives because you crave power at any cost, including using political terrorism to achieve your ends.

Speaking of which, today it was congressmen. What will tomorrow bring? How long will it be before one of you whack jobs starts taking pot shots at Trump supporters during a rally? You’ve already brought weapons to “stop the fascists” at an otherwise peaceful rally, so how long before you fully devolve into terrorist scum and start murdering in the name of your faux religion? Actually, that just happened today, but thankfully he was a bad shot.

So I should be asking, how long until you start targeting random people you think are conservative?

I think that’s a question you all need to consider. This shit has gone too far…


P.S. If you’re going to come at me for my rhetoric, save it. I’m calling it how I see it. If you don’t want me to call out the left for their atrocious, hate-filled rhetoric against conservatives, then tell them to stop using it and I will. Simple, right?


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God Bless. Source- AFF

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