America’s richest woman just found herself embroiled in the center of one of the biggest sex scandals to rock Hollywood, well, ever.

Oprah Winfrey is a supposed champion of women and fighter of progressive causes, and she’s always been a favorite among the left. However, in light of recent controversy, she may lose favor rather fast as it appears she aided and abetted the disgusting behavior of none other than Harvey Weinstein – yes the Harvey Weinstein.


A new report from Page Six reveals that on at least one occasion, Oprah not only failed to warn a young actress about Weinstein’s predatory actions, but actually urged the woman to trust him because he’d be able to help her career. The only problem is that the only way to advance your career with Weinstein is to have a go with him on his casting couch – quite the detail to overlook.

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British actress Kadian Noble came forward this week with accusations against Weinstein that he tried forcing her to have sex with him in his hotel room in Cannes, France back in 2014. Just a few months prior at the British Academy Film Awards, Noble met Weinstein for the first time, and he introduced her to Oprah and Naomi Campbell, both of whom were all over Weinstein and singing his praises.


Not once did either warn Noble that Weinstein was a dangerous man – the “worst kept secret” Hollywood. Noble said the fact that Oprah was “swinging off his arm” led her to believe Weinstein was trustworthy.

However, she would soon learn otherwise.

“I thought, obviously, this man has something amazing in store for me,” Noble said at a media conference in Manhattan. “I felt completely played.”

When she met Weinstein again in Cannes to show him a highlight reel, he said they should go watch it up in his room. That’s when things took a creepy, and predatory, turn.

“He was repeating to me, ‘I need to know that you really like me,'” she said. “At this point it became a little bit confusing but still I had a lot of hope.”

He grabbed her arm and stood her in front of a mirror where he groped her and then forced her to perform a sex act, she said.

“And I kept saying no, and I just felt so stupid. But at the same time a massive part of me had shut down. It makes no sense that I didn’t run out of the room. And all I was able to do was just say no.”

She said after the incident, his assistants never got back to her. Eventually she detailed the assault to one, who tried to convince her that he was a “good guy.”

Unfortunately for Noble, her dreams of becoming an actress were shattered after the encounter despite the fact she was led to believe it would flourish after meeting Weinstein.

“People believe in you,” she said, addressing Weinstein. “It’s not been fair that you’ve used the power, the gift you have, you’ve turned it into such a corruption.”

Indeed. What Weinstein did is beyond disgraceful, and the fact he had so many willing accomplices in people like Oprah and others makes it even worse.

Hollywood is nothing more than a corrupt cesspool filled with horrible people, just like Washington, D.C. It’s no wonder celebrities and politicians get along so well.

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