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Oregon Mug

Lorrie Hacker has several tattoos on her wrist and chest.  (Lane County Jail)


A female inmate is giving Oregon cops an ulcer after she managed to escape from a work crew early Monday morning.

The fugitive in question, Lorrie Marie Hocker, 42, was in route to a job in Salem, riding in a vehicle with other minimum-custody inmates, when she decided to pop open her door and make a run for it after the vehicle came to a complete stop. Good to know she was concerned for her personal safety and waited until the car stopped. Good thinking.

Guards did not attempt to stop her or apprehend her due to the fact the vehicle contained other inmates who would then become flight risks themselves.

Hocker was originally incarcerated back in September for coercion and felony assault, according to the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Sounds like a regular chip off the old block, now doesn’t she? Guess it could’ve been worse. Could’ve been a feminist serial killer looking to murder the “patriarchy.”

Here’s a few details about Hocker’s appearance and escape via Fox News:

Hocker, who has blue eyes and brown hair, was last seen wearing blue jeans with the word “inmate” stenciled on the knee in orange, a blue T-shirt, sweatshirt and a coat similarly stenciled with “inmate.” She is is 5-foot-3 and weighs 145 pounds, according to officials.

She also has several tattoos on her wrist and chest.

Oregon DOC spokeswoman Betty Bernt told the Oregonian guards did not attempt to stop Hocker.

“If there are other inmates in the vehicle they wouldn’t pursue that individual automatically,” Bernt told the newspaper.

Hocker has a prior criminal record, serving 48 months in prison in Montana for exploitation of an older person, according to prison records.

As you can see, our prison system has a whole lot of flaws that need to be addressed in order to prevent incidents like this from occurring, though no system will ever be perfect.

Given this woman wasn’t a super violent offender who was going to be serving a life sentence or anything, it makes you wonder what made her crack and decide to run? Is she being abused by other inmates or guards?

This honestly wouldn’t be all that surprising as such behavior is actually quite common in our prison system, especially from inmates. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that she couldn’t take that any more and decided escape was a better option.

On the other hand, she simply might have cracked from the anxiety and depression of her current situation. That’s been known to happen a time or two as well.

The basic lesson of the story is to be a law abiding citizen and not get yourself in trouble to begin with, which should be common sense, but in this day and age that’s a commodity in short supply.

Regardless of why she did it, let’s hope police officers and other law enforcement professionals are successful in their attempts to apprehend Hocker before she gets too far, and that she truly learns her lesson that crime most definitely does not pay.



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