Oregon Victim’s Mother And Brother Have This BRUTAL Message For Obama… He WON’T Like This


Obama is headed to Roseburg, Oregon to launch his widely unpopular gun control agenda but he’s in for a big surprise. These people DON’T WANT HIM THERE!

Earlier we reported that the small town’s officials don’t want Obama in their town politicizing the tragedy they are all still suffering from. Well, the brother of one of the survivors of the violent rampage has a message for Obama and it’s a safe bet that Barry won’t like it one bit.


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Jessy Atkinson, the brother of one of the shooting victims, said in an interview with CNN, “I would tell him to look where the problem really lies and quit running the gun agenda — quit running the gun agenda. It’s not the problem. It’s mental health in America. It’s obvious. All of us talk about it. I don’t know why we are hiding from it.”


Atkinson’s sister, Cheyenne Fitzgerald was shot in the back by the gunman at the Umpqua Community College where the shooting occurred. She is currently in the hospital and is expected to survive her injuries.

Cheyenne Atkinson

Cheyenne Atkinson

His opinion on Obama’s leadership? “It doesn’t seem like our country is going in the right direction.”

THAT, my friend is an understatement.

Sean Brown at Mad World News adds:

His mother Bonnie also chimed in on the debate, and she realizes making people defenseless doesn’t solve anything.

“I feel our children should be able to protect themselves somehow,” she said.

The majority of the nation agrees as well. Time after time we see these incidents, and they’re almost always carried out by mentally ill people who have been on some sort of psychotropic drugs.

These two are right — we should be focusing on mental health and not placing even more restrictions on law-abiding citizens, considering that those with the intent to kill are going to kill regardless of what laws we’re forced to follow. After all, if your neighbor gets a DUI, we wouldn’t make it harder for you to buy a car, would we?


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