JUST IN: Osama Bin Laden’s Son Wants REVENGE, Declares WAR- ‘American People, We’re…’


Unfortunately for the world, Osama bin Laden had entirely too many children, and at least one of them isn’t too happy with the fact America finally took his father out.

Hamza bin Laden is now poised to lead al Qaeda years after his father’s killing by SEAL Team 6, and personal letters seized during the same raid reveal that the younger terrorist is plotting something major against the U.S. The Daily Mail reports that the 28-year-old radical Muslim penned letters to his old man, which have now been declassified, that detail his lust for vengeance for his father.


Ali Soufan is a former FBI agent who reviewed the letters, and he says the younger bin Laden is both motivated and prepared to take action against America.

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From the Daily Mail [emphasis mine]:


Principal among Hamza’s messages is his desire for revenge.

‘He’s basically saying, “American people, we’re coming and you’re going to feel it. And we’re going to take revenge for what you did to my father…Iraq…Afghanistan”…the whole thing was about vengeance,’ Soufan said.


For a new episode of 60 Minutes, Soufan explained the importance of the personal letter, despite the fact that when Hamza wrote it he had not seen his father for years.

‘He tells him that…he remembers “every look…every smile you gave me, every word you told me. I consider myself to be forged in steel. The path of jihad for the sake of God is what we live,”‘ Soufan said about Hamza.

Hamza has been a prominent figure in several propaganda videos for al Qaeda, even as a young boy. He was filmed calling for terrorist attacks on London, Washington and Paris in an audio message released by the organization in 2015.

He has recorded four of theses types of messages in the last two years.

This January, Hamza was placed on a State Department terror watch list and named a ‘specially designated global terrorist’ – the same classification Osama had.

‘He was a poster kid for the al Qaeda…and for members of al Qaeda, who were indoctrinated with these propaganda videos, he means a lot to them,’ Soufan said.

Following his death, dozens of letters written by him to his family and senior members of al Qaeda were released.

Senior intelligence officials claimed that some revealed he had been grooming his son to take over the terror group. In one letter, Hamza’s mother even implored her son to follow in his ‘father’s footsteps.’


While bin Laden’s threats may seem unsettling to some, you can rest assured that our new president isn’t going to deal with him lightly. In fact, unlike his predecessor, President Trump isn’t going to miss an opportunity to take out a world-renowned terrorist, so the younger bin Laden had best be sleeping with one eye open and a bomb shelter above his head, because there’s a strong likelihood that either a SEAL team or a Reaper Drone are out there hunting for him as we speak.

Source- AFF

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