OUCH: CNN Hack Asks Trump A Loaded Question… Gets SCHOOLED In A Heartbeat (Video)

YouTube screengrab / FOX 10 Phoenix

YouTube screengrab / FOX 10 Phoenix


Presidential candidate Donald Trump schooled a Clinton News Network (CNN) reporter at a press conference Friday evening for asking a worthless and loaded question. Trump fired truth missiles back at the hack.

Instead of asking Trump a question on policy or ANYTHING of importance, the lib asked about a handful of protesters that had gathered outside the event. This ‘journalist’ actually gets paid big money and this is what he comes up with? What a moron!

Trump fired back at the guy.

“I don’t see many protesters. I see thousands of people and there are a few protesters,” Trump said. “And I figured you’d ask that question, because you know, that’s the way it is. CNN is terrible.”

“You’re with CNN? You people do not cover us accurately at all. So they have a few protesters outside and they have thousands of people and the first question from CNN is about protesters.”

Here’s the video via jim hoft


Of course the hacks in the lamestream media will demonize Trump for this but that won’t stop Trump from telling it like it is.

Conservative Tribune adds:

Trump has been greeted with huge crowds on the campaign trail, larger than any other Republican candidate and most of the Democrats. By choosing to focus on the protesters, CNN is showing its clear bias — they see that as the story, not the support Trump has been getting.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has almost certainly committed crimes with her private email server and secret documents, and CNN hardly gives any attention to the matter.

When it comes to the Republican field, it’s obvious that CNN has a preference for a moderate like Bush or Rubio, someone who the Democratic candidate would more easily destroy in the general election.

Here’s more of the Press conference via FOX 10 Phoenix 

Trump is on fire and the enemy knows this. They try to catch Trump in a ‘gotchya moment’ but it’s just not going to happen. So far it seems that Donald Trump has nothing to hide and has even beat these idiots to the punch by exposing things that most candidates would do their best to hide. Like having Hillary at your wedding lol!


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