OUCH: LeBron James Calls Trump Supporters ‘Uneducated,’ IMMEDIATELY Gets PUBLICLY HUMILIATED

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The NFL and the NBA are both committing suicide, and it’s because of players like Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James pissing off their fans.

During the whole NFL controversy, “King James,” as he calls himself (narcissistic jerk), berated supporters of the President as “uneducated” after Trump lashed out at NFL players over their blatant disrespect of our flag and national Anthem. James, who’s arguably one of the best players in the NBA, is an ardent Hillary supporter and worked hard to get her elected, so it comes as no surprise that he’d thumb his nose at those he believes aren’t as “enlightened” as he, but there’s just one problem.

While the king of the NBA threw shade at we Deplorables, he seemed to forget that when you talk like a hood rat, you sound about as dumb as they come. Unfortunately for him, Trump supporters aren’t as stupid as he and the rest of the left would like to believe, so almost immediately after he insulted 62 million people, they turned around and humiliated him, and it was a sight to beholden.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars details how an Internet user and proud Deplorable created a meme to mock the basketball superstar, and now it’s going viral. It’s easy to see why.

LeBron’s statement was full of linguistic errors, so the meme was created to resemble homework…from a second grader.

Check it out:


“LeBron, please see me after class,” the note sardonically ends.

Of course, as Watson points out, people don’t expect James to have perfect grammar or to even speak like a politician. However, if you’re going to be insulting large groups of people you believe are “uneducated,” you should at least have a basic command of the English language, rather than speaking in some Ebonics hybrid.

Meanwhile, in the days after President Trump’s criticism of the NFL, James released a video in which he called for the nation to “come together even stronger.”

Apparently someone forgot to inform him that insulting at least half of the nation isn’t the easiest path to unity.

What was he saying about being “uneducated,” again?


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